AimBitcoin Review: A Secure and Reliable Exchange or a Scam?


AimBitcoin touts itself as a secure and reliable method to purchase cryptocurrency. However, it’s crucial to consider the multitude of scams that often lurk behind such lofty promises. Have you ever wondered how many fraudulent schemes hide behind these grand assurances? Let’s delve into an honest review of this project. We assure you’ll discover a wealth of insights in our analysis.

AimBitcoin General Information

Phone Number
Address 26, J. Basanavičiaus Street, Vilnius, LT-03224 Republic of Lithuania
Minimum Deposit 5 USDT
Assets Crypto
Leverage 1:20
Trading Platform WebTrader

Registration and Client Portal Review

The official AimBitcoin website indeed appears as a typical cryptocurrency project. However, information on it is relatively sparse, juxtaposed with numerous calls to swiftly open accounts and start trading. Additionally, it’s noteworthy that the site is crafted in multiple languages, suggesting aspirations for international recognition. The inclusion of links to social media on the homepage further enhances the impression of a genuine exchange.

AimBitcoin - website

Creating an account on the AimBitcoin platform is straightforward, similar to any other exchange — simply enter your email address and come up with a password. Notably, phone number registration is not supported on this platform. Furthermore, the exchange does not verify your contact information, meaning no confirmation codes will be sent to your email. This lack of verification poses a potential security risk, as it leaves the account more susceptible to unauthorized access or misuse. It’s generally advisable for platforms to implement additional layers of security, such as at least email verification, to enhance user protection.

AimBitcoin - registration

Upon successful registration, you will gain access to the Client Portal. The portal is fairly standard, with additional menu options becoming available. Specifically, users can modify account settings, undergo verification, connect to APIs, and that essentially encompasses the available functions. This limited set of features raises concerns, especially for an exchange aspiring to be recognized as a global platform. Competitors offer significantly more functionality within their user portals, not to mention superior design and user convenience. AimBitcoin may need to enhance its platform to stay competitive in the market.

AimBitcoin Trading Conditions

Let’s dive into the trading conditions of this exchange. Is it as convenient for trading as it claims to be? Let’s explore.

Account Types Review

The owners of the AimBitcoin project propose taking investment to a new level. On the platform, users can exchange dollars or other currencies for digital assets and make profitable investments. In the future, the exchange’s founders plan to introduce staking.

To begin, investors need to choose an asset — either Tether (USDT) or Bitcoin‌ — ‌and specify a duration ranging from 20 to 360 days. The interest rate, fluctuating between 1% and 30% annually, depends on this selection. The interest rate remains fixed until the tariff plan expires. The minimum deposit amount varies for each cryptocurrency. For USDT, it ranges from $50 to $600,000. Investor funds will be used to ensure the exchange’s liquidity.

AimBitcoin also offers traders the opportunity to independently trade with a leverage ratio of 1:20. The standard trading commission is 0.1% of the deposit amount. AimBitcoin imposes a daily fee of 0.098% for using borrowed funds. For specific order types, the commission may exceed the base rate. More detailed conditions can be found on the official website.

Trading Platform

Taking a closer look at AimBitcoin’s trading terminal, it falls short of being a competitive software product. While it tries to mimic the TradingView platform used by many industry leaders, it lacks the high-tier functionality.

Traders have identified significant drawbacks:

  • The absence of a mode with multiple price charts makes intra-platform arbitrage challenging and complicates portfolio management.
  • AimBitcoin offers a minimal set of technical analysis indicators. Custom module development or external attachment capabilities are not available.

AimBitcoin - trading platform

Surprisingly, AimBitcoin lacks a mobile application. One might wonder about the essence of an exchange that couldn’t develop its own app. What kind of trading platform overlooks the importance of mobile accessibility?

AimBitcoin — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

Moving on to funding options, the project allows users to replenish their accounts using various methods, including cryptocurrencies. Notably, the platform proudly displays logos of Visa and Mastercard in the footer, suggesting the possibility of purchasing cryptocurrencies with fiat. However, it’s crucial to be aware that all fees are blockchain-dependent when withdrawing funds in crypto.


AimBitcoin, like all CEX platforms, requires users to undergo a verification process. This step is particularly essential for those looking to lift all the limits on their accounts. Fill in your personal details, including your full name, date of birth, and residential address. Ensure that the information matches your official documents.

AimBitcoin typically requires users to submit clear and legible copies of official identification documents. This may include a government-issued ID card, passport, or driver’s license.

Once all required documents are submitted, the platform will review your information. Verification processing times vary, but you can usually check the status in your account dashboard.

Additional Options

AimBitcoin introduces a distinctive feature in its arsenal — DEX, or Decentralized Exchange. If you find it somewhat intriguing that a CEX (Centralized Exchange) is venturing into DEX territory, welcome to the club of curious minds. However, reality is a bit different. The project is not offering direct DEX services for users to trade independently. Instead, it presents an investment opportunity.

In this context, users can contribute liquidity to DEX platforms, earning a percentage in return. The details of which DEX will receive these funds and the process involved are not explicitly specified. AimBitcoin positions this as a way for users to participate in supporting liquidity without engaging in direct DEX trading.

Is AimBitcoin a Scam?

In reality, AimBitcoin is nothing but a blatant scam, and we’re here to walk you through the details.

The project owners boast about being registered in four different jurisdictions. However, upon inspecting just one, it becomes apparent that they are undoubtedly fraudulent. In their documents, they claim to be governed by the Lithuanian company UAB Clear White Technologies. This company does deal with cryptocurrencies, but its focus is on assisting individuals in launching their own digital currencies, having no connection to trading activities. Other legal details provided are also fabricated. AimBitcoin lacks any official registration or license, making it a completely fictitious project. Domain Info

Another glaring red flag is the project’s duration. Despite the domain being old and registered in 2016, the website was only developed in late 2023, as is evident from web archives. Additionally, upon closer inspection of the purported positive online reviews, it becomes apparent that all of them were posted in November 2023. This date can be considered the project’s start date.

AimBitcoin Review: A Secure and Reliable Exchange or a Scam?

Contacts Review

When it comes to the AimBitcoin contact information, much like the majority of exchanges, it provides only an email address. As we’ve previously discovered, the office addresses offered are fake. However, there is a live chat support widget.

Pros and Cons

  • Variety of cryptocurrencies available for trading.
  • Lack of transparent and verifiable contact details.
  • Fake addresses provided on the platform.
  • Limited customer support options.
  • Absence of a mobile application for trading on the go.
  • Scarcity of information on the platform’s security measures.
  • Unverified claims about the project’s legitimacy.
  • Minimal trading features and tools compared to competitors.

AimBitcoin Summary


AimBitcoin does not offer a cryptocurrency resort for investors. In essence, this project is nothing more than a primitive scam. It's strongly advised not to hastily invest your money here, as the risk of rapid loss is substantial.

Website information content 3
Client Portal 3
Trading conditions 4
Trading platform 3
Deposit and withdrawal 4
Verification 4
Extra options 4
Licenses and guarantees 1
Work duration 1
Feedback 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does AimBitcoin Offer?

It claims to provide investment opportunities, allowing users to exchange fiat currency for digital assets and offering staking plans in the future.

How Much Money Should I Invest With AimBitcoin?

According to the trading conditions, the minimum deposit is 5 USDT. However, it is crucial to approach any investment with caution, given the dubious nature of the platform.

Is AimBitcoin Safe?

In no way is AimBitcoin considered safe. As a relatively young and fake project, it shows no genuine interest in ensuring your success or protecting your investments. Exercise extreme caution.

Teodora Jolana
Teodora Jolana
Investment Advisor

Teodora lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She constantly monitors the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies and innovative investment projects. Read her articles to stay informed!

Teodora lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She constantly monitors the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies and innovative investment projects. Read her articles to stay informed!

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Client Reviews

  1. Vik

    Quick overview of the new scam named AimBitcoin.

    It’s the same old trickery, preying on trusting individuals for money. The platform is new. They just launched this scam in 2023. Avoid reading positive reviews online. They’re all fake. Con artists pay for positive content, concealing drawbacks and urging account openings. Don’t fall for the hype. Positive reviews are deceptive. Don’t trust them. And, of course, there is no license for this scam….

  2. Kevin Medina

    More Casino than crypto exchange

    From a cryptocurrency perspective, AimBitcoin falls short, offering only cryptocurrency coin and token quotes – nothing more. There’s no cold storage, no actual spot trading. It lacks the essentials of a crypto exchange. AimBitcoin seems to be a crypto broker solely dealing in CFD contracts for cryptocurrencies. In other words, traders here don’t acquire real cryptocurrency on the broker’s platform; instead, they bet on its rise or fall. This isn’t even futures trading, as CFD lack genuine liquidity. Essentially, it operates more like a casino platform. Seasoned traders will quickly recognize it as a boiler room, and they would be correct. There’s no real liquidity here, and trades don’t tap into genuine liquidity even through the API. It’s nothing more than artificial pseudo-trading. Hence, risking and venturing into trading here doesn’t make sense. Why risk it when you can successfully trade real crypto on platforms like Binance or BitBite with authentic liquidity and order books, rather than fake charts?

  3. Curiosity

    A platform of empty promises

    Registered out of curiosity, expecting sophistication to match their bold claims. Instead, encountered a dismal web trader that lacks downloadable options for iPhone or computer installation. No wallets exist as it’s supposedly a plan. The platform itself is rudimentary. Many other exchanges offer far more engaging web traders. Uncertain how this project entices people with such simplicity.

  4. Jason M


    I can confirm that IS A SCAM , please, please, please do not put any money or crypto on this exchange. They have strung considerable funds.
    It looks like I have lost a considerable amount of money here . So please do not fall for their tricks.
    If I could give a minus rating I would.