ARPtrade Review: An Outstanding Trading Ecosystem or a SCAM?

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ARPtrade claims to provide an outstanding trading ecosystem. However, we find their claims to be dubious, as it has become all too common for scams to boast such accolades. To separate fact from fiction and determine the true nature of this company, we invite you to read our brief review.

ARPtrade General Information

Phone Number +31164794144
Address Proveniersplein 9, 3033 EB Rotterdam, Netherlands
Minimum Deposit €250
Assets CFDs
Leverage Up to 1:300
Trading Platform WebTrader

Registration and Client Portal Review

The official website of ARPtrade leaves much to be desired. It presents a simplistic and generic design that fails to capture attention or convey a sense of professionalism. The overall layout appears to be a basic template that lacks originality and fails to provide a distinct identity for the broker.

Moreover, navigating the website reveals limited features and functionalities. The sections and pages are basic, offering only essential information about account types, trading instruments, and basic educational resources.

ARPtrade - website

Moving on to the registration process, it is remarkably straightforward. Traders are only required to provide their basic contact details, such as their name and surname, and create a password. It is worth noting that the broker does not immediately verify the provided email or phone number. This lack of verification can be concerning as it raises questions about the broker’s commitment to security and the possibility of fraudulent activities.


As for the Client Portal, it too falls short in a negative sense. It is equally minimalist, offering only the most basic functions. The portal’s design and features lack originality and innovation, indicating that it is not a unique creation of the broker. In fact, it appears to be a widely used template that we have encountered numerous times before.

ARPtrade - Client Portal

ARPtrade Trading Conditions

It is time to explore what outstanding offerings ARPtrade claims to provide within its trading ecosystem, although we don’t have high expectations.

Account Types Review

So, let’s delve into the account types offered by ARPtrade: Classic, Silver, and Gold. Interestingly, the broker tries to convince clients that the Gold account is the most popular. However, it is hard to believe this, considering the minimum deposit requirement of 25,000 euros. Now, what do beginners with a modest deposit of 250 euros get?

For those starting with the Classic account, they can expect the leverage of 1:200, basic spreads, and technical support available 24/5. Moving up to the Silver account with a deposit of 5,000 euros, traders receive three signals per week and weekly sessions with an analyst. Finally, those who opt for the Gold account receive personalized training sessions with an analyst, trading signals from Monday through Friday, and the increased leverage of 1:300.

Meanwhile, in contract specifications, the leverage ratios are exactly the same for all accounts. The only difference lies in the type of instrument. For example, you can only obtain 1:100 leverage for currencies, and it is even lower for CFDs on stocks.

It would be interesting to know if there are any successful traders willing to deposit a hefty 25,000 euros just to access these trading signals and training sessions. The offerings seem tailored towards a select few, raising questions about their practicality and usefulness for the average trader.

Trading Platform

WebTrader by ARPtrade can be described in a negative light as it falls short in meeting traders’ needs. The platform’s simplicity is evident, but unfortunately, it lacks the advanced features and functionality that traders often seek. The basic design and limited customization options may leave traders feeling restricted and unsatisfied with their trading experience.

One significant drawback is the absence of a downloadable trading terminal or a dedicated mobile app.


ARPtrade — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

ARPtrade offers multiple options for depositing funds into your trading account, including card payments and bank transfers. The broker does not impose any additional commissions for this payment method. However, for bank transfers, you will need to contact a manager to obtain the necessary details.

When it comes to withdrawals, the processing time varies depending on the type of account you have chosen. If you have a Classic or Silver account, it may take up to 5 days to receive your funds. On the other hand, clients with a Gold account can expect their withdrawal requests to be reviewed within 3 days.


Verification is a mandatory process at ARPtrade. Traders are required to submit the necessary documents for identity and address verification. The ARPtrade team reviews the submitted documents to ensure they meet the regulatory requirements.

Once the documents are successfully verified, traders receive confirmation that their account has been verified. Specific document requirements and the verification process may vary. It is recommended to consult ARPtrade’s official website or contact their customer support for detailed information.

Additional Options

ARPtrade offers deposit bonuses ranging from 50%, 60%, to 70% depending on the account type. Additionally, they provide services such as trading signals and market analysis. However, it is uncertain whether these services are of high quality or worth the cost. The quality of the signals and the reason behind their high price remain unanswered questions.

Is ARPtrade a Scam?

Of course, ARPtrade claims to operate legally with complete integrity. However, let’s be honest, what scammer would admit to being a scammer? That’s why we exist – to expose such practices.

The process of verifying the legitimacy of the broker started immediately with our curiosity. On the official website, they provide an address for their office in the Netherlands and a Dutch phone number, suggesting that the broker operates there. However, in their document titled “Term and Conditions”, it states that ARPtrade resolves all disputes with clients according to the laws of the United Kingdom. Surprisingly, there is no record of such a company in any registry.

Legal data check

Since the company is not officially registered, it implies that it lacks the necessary licenses. In other words, it is evident that they operate without regulation. At the very least, the excessively high leverage ARPtrade offers would never be permitted for retail traders by the Dutch regulator. Domain Info

As for the company’s claimed history, such as operating since 2011, and other myths, it can be easily debunked. Simply checking the registration date of the broker’s domain reveals the truth. Unfortunately, there is no good news to share. The official website of ARPtrade appeared on May 8, 2023, making it a newcomer. There is no evidence of 11 years of operation whatsoever.

Domain info

Contacts Review

As for the contact information, ARPtrade provides both an email address and a phone number. However, our concern lies with the elusive address. The problem is that it is fake. There is no registered broker by the name of ARPtrade at that coordinates.

Pros and Cons

  • None.
  • Short lifespan.
  • No official registration.
  • Lack of license.
  • Dubious services.
  • negative reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does ARPtrade Offer?

ARPtrade offers online trading services, allowing clients to trade various financial instruments, such as CFDs on stocks, and commodities, through their platform.

How Much Money Should I Invest With ARPtrade?

The minimum deposit amount with ARPtrade is determined by their trading conditions and starts at 250 euros.

Is ARPtrade Safe?

The safety and reliability of ARPtrade as a brokerage firm are questionable due to the lack of proper regulation and transparency. As an unregulated entity, there is no oversight or guarantee of client protection. It is important to carefully consider the risks associated with investing in an unregulated broker.

Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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Client Reviews

  1. Francisco


    They are pure scammers, and you should never trust them. If you deposit any amount here, say goodbye to your money. You won’t see it again, except maybe in your ARPtrade account with no withdrawal option. I lost $10,000 on this nonsense simply because of my carelessness. They don’t have any real documents, no registration, and so on. What they claim is all lies. How can they say they have been in the market for 12 years? They constantly open and close under different names! Don’t fall for it, or you’ll simply lose your money, that’s it.

  2. Joseph

    Didn't expect it to turn out like this.

    I debated for a long time whether to write this review or not, but ultimately decided to do so because I understand that many people who are interested in ARPtrade might lose their money. So, let me share my experience and what happened with them. First of all, there is no license for this type of activity, and there can’t be one because no one regulates them. It’s all complete nonsense and deception. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this at the beginning. When I joined them, I deposited the minimum of $250, and surprisingly, I was able to gradually make some profits even with such a small amount. After about a week, they offered me great conditions for the second tier, with lower spreads and various analytics. Regrettably, I fell for this scam and deposited $10,000. And what do you think? All my subsequent trades ended up in huge losses for various reasons, things that had never happened to me throughout my trading journey. That’s how I almost lost my entire balance, and when I tried to withdraw the remaining funds, they said they couldn’t process it at the moment. That’s how this ‘partnership’ ended.

  3. Nicholas Moore

    I hope nobody falls for ARPtrade, which is just an ordinary forex scam, heavily targeting novice traders as potential victims to swindle their money.

    Claiming to be registered in the Netherlands is nothing but nonsense. I can create a forex broker and claim to be affiliated with a Swiss bank if I want to. They mention being based in Holland, but provide no evidence to support it. Why? Because it’s not true. What kind of proof can they provide in this case? If I approach the Dutch regulator, they will clearly state that I’m dealing with scammers. Traders should not only think correctly but also think critically. If you come across a brokerage offering leverage of 1:300, numerous bonuses and promotions (which you would never see with reputable and established brokers operating since the 20th century), a light bulb of rationality and skepticism should immediately light up in your head: ‘Is this really true? Is it possible in reality, in practice, and not just on some website or in theory?’. The right question will protect you from foolish actions and from being scammed by ARPtrade. Always double-check the brokerage firm you want to trade with. Moreover, the conditions they offer do not indicate a regulated and reliable broker. If there were no bonuses, leverage would be limited to 1:30 at most, and there would be real access to the market and exchanges, not just poor CFDs. Only then could their story and legend about this pathetic parody of a broker hold true.

  4. Florina Maria Chiriguti

    Definitely a SCAM!!! It happened to me

    ARP TRADE is definitely SCAM! I invested myself and lost a total of 335 euro. Not much for some but for me, with only pension, it is! Because when I had to finally make a withdrawal, they asked me to send another 1000 euro in crypto to “verify” my account in order to receive such a big win, around 5000 usd. Because they needed to be sure it was my crypto account. But I already sent them crypto so they knew my account.
    And they insisted a lot!!!! I wasn’t going to lose another 1000 euro.
    They definitely wanted to steal those too because as it turns out, if I sent crypto first time, there is no way of getting them back.
    I want to cause trouble for them, anywhere I can. So if you know where I can complain about what happened, please tell me. I cannot get my money back but at least others will know now how they operate and not make the same mistake.

  5. Mirza


    Definatelly a scam, do not cooperate with them!

  6. Kristel

    ARPtrade online took my money !!!!!!

    Hello, I am very poor and I have a lot of debts. I had a chronic disease for 13 years and I needed to pay all my expensive medical treatments myself without any support from sickness insurance.
    I saw this online trading platform as an opportunity to be able to pay off my debts and to have a fresh start in life !!

    It really looked very professional and legit.
    I opened an online trading account with ARPtrade and 2 brokers helped me to get profits : Eric Webb and Kasper Novitsky. One of these 2 brokers called me EVERY day and showed me online (with share screen) how to trade.
    They said they would help me improve my financial situation. I don’t know anything about trading, but I wanted to learn it with their help. I invested 1000 euros (money I lent from friends). In 2 weeks time my 1000 euros made an amount of around 10.000 USD in my account.
    Then I wanted to withdraw my funds and the trouble began : I needed to pay 500 euros to make the transfer possible. Then they said my funds were stopped by HMRC (UK) and I needed to pay 1058 euros taxes. So far, I still believed I was going to receive my funds. But then I got a call from their Finance Department saying that my account had doubled to 19553 USD and in order to make this transfer possible I need now to pay a correction fee of 600 euros. I don’t have 600 euros and I lent already 2558 euros that I urgently have to pay back to my friends !!! This makes me very scared and I am afraid I will never receive my money (2558 euros) back. PLEASE HELP ME GET MY MONEY BACK !! I can provide you with their WhatsApp numbers and email addresses, if that might help…. Do you help me for free ? Or is this going to cost me more money ??

    1. Jani


      Hello Kristel,
      I have the same experience with ARPtrade like you.
      Please, if you can provide me with your contact information, with who you were talking, WhatsApp numbers, email addresses. I can also send you my contacts.
      Thank you and best regards,

      1. V


        Scammers… I have lost 4.556,00 euros, the whole amonu I have added was 2,000 euros and something..
        Every time I needed to do the withdrawal there was complications…
        Please if anyone knows if there’s an option that I can recieve my funds, please let me know🙏🏼

  7. Anjaly Alias


    I lost huge amount of money due to this scammers.

  8. Timea

    I've got scammed

    I’ve got also scammed of 5000€ by this thiefs!
    I hade Kim Stone as so called broker. Everything seemed to be real, I had no huge gains, for an investment of 5000 my account showed double and when I wanted to withdraw what I invested, “by accident” the trading market went wrong. So, I found myself with no money. Is there a way to get back my money?
    They even had the nerve to ask for 2200 more in order to have an insurance of 9000…
    “We are writing to address a recent incident involving your trading account with ARPtrade Company Limited, Company number 05835246. As guarantor, we take your financial security and well-being seriously and are committed to assisting you in resolving this matter promptly.

    We understand that you have experienced a loss of $9,933.00 USD, and we have taken immediate action to ensure the recovery of this amount. To provide you with a seamless solution, we have initiated an insurance claim for the lost amount. We are pleased to inform you that the insurance coverage for this incident is $2,200.00 USD.

    The insurance amount of $2,200.00 USD will be promptly transferred to a designated Bitcoin wallet, specifically chosen for its security and efficiency. The entire transaction is expected to be completed within a remarkably short timeframe, typically between 20 to 30 minutes.
    Once the insurance amount has been securely transferred to the Bitcoin wallet, the remaining balance of $9,933.00 USD will be restored to your trading account.

    This will enable you to withdraw the funds directly to your bank card without any further delays or complications.
    We understand that such incidents can be distressing, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Our primary goal is to ensure that you have a seamless and positive trading experience. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of customer satisfaction and security.

    To expedite this process and receive the insurance payout and the restoration of your funds, we kindly request that you contact your Broker Kim Stone. Our team will guide you through the necessary steps and provide you with any additional information you may require.
    We appreciate your trust in ARPtrade Company Limited, and we are dedicated to resolving this matter to your satisfaction.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to assist you every step of the way.
    Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to ensuring a swift resolution to this issue.

    Support Team
    ARP Trade Limited
    Incoming line

    The website is no longer in use.

  9. Paul


    Yep, scam

    I got scammed by them too! I lost 10.000EUR! somebody kill me, please!

  10. Claudiu


    I got scamed by ARP trading. Any advice on how can I recover my investment?Advice?🙂I put 1750€

    1. Harold Witting

      Scammers, like their predecessor.

      ARP is the successor of the Radiant Group. If you look them up, all your worst suspicions will be confirmed.

  11. Slavo

    thieves from ARP Trade

    ARP Trade robbed me of 15000 usd, they make the payment conditional on another payment of 1500 usd. An employee named Jacob took $7000 from my credit card and tried to apply for a loan of another $20000. I already know I’ve lost all my money I’m a disabled person on dialysis and 3 months after major heart surgery and I’ve lost all my savings and I still have to pay off my credit card….I don’t know what I’m going to do I’m really desperate