Bitech Max Review: Incredible Level of Trading or SCAM?

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We recently came across reviews of Bitech Max. The authors of these similar articles unanimously claim that the broker provides an incredible and unattainable level of trading in various CFDs. At the same time, the company’s website talks about trading Common Derivative Contracts (CDCs). Something is wrong here, right? Let’s figure it out and perform another scam check.

Bitech Max General Information

Phone Number +447488873447, +16479464573
Address 31-31A Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong, 79, Anson Road, Singapore 079906
Minimum Deposit £5,000
Assets CFDs
Leverage Unknown
Trading Platform WebTrader

Registration and Client Portal Review

We begin our acquaintance with Bitech Max from its rather primitive home page. There is a small menu and buttons for registration. The broker kindly warns about the high risks of trading and you will not be able to remove this banner. However, it doesn’t get in the way. Moreover, further Bitech Max in large print promises maximum profit, benefit, and success. What are we supposed to believe?

Bitech Max - official site

Anyway, let’s see what the most powerful platform is and sign up to do it. You will need to fill out a simple form. Enter your personal and contact information, create a password, complete the captcha, and agree to the Terms and Conditions.


Bitech Max does not verify your contacts. You will immediately be taken to your client portal and will be able to study its functions. In truth, their set is not very extensive. Just take a look at this.

Bitech Max - client portal

Bitech Max provides that you can change your data and password, upload documents, and view the list of trade or money transactions. The broker also has a feedback form and a strange tab for withdrawal requests. It says that the funds will be returned to your bank card, but only a bitcoin wallet is on the list of withdrawal methods.

It’s even weirder or more ridiculous that Bitech Max seems to have forgotten to make a tab/button for depositing. We didn’t find it anywhere, so we don’t know how to top up our account.

However, you can also download the Bitech Max platform to your computer, which we do not recommend doing. It is unknown, and the browser immediately installs an unsigned distribution kit. In addition, you can open WebTrader, but it does not have a demo account.

Bitech Max Trading Conditions

Despite the mention of derivatives, the broker still offers regular CFDs. However, as well as millions of similar websites. As in all those cases, the trading conditions here raise a lot of questions.

Account Types Review

As a rule, brokers offer several accounts such as cent, micro, swap-free, and something similar. It seems that Bitech Max is not far from them and also offers a micro account. How much money do you think it takes to open it? $5, 10, max 100? You will never guess!

Account types

As you can see, it will take £5,000 to open the least profitable account. All you get for this rather substantial amount (especially substantial if you don’t live in Western Europe) is support.

Yes really! If you want to get access to training, a personal manager, trading reports and other optional features, you will have to multiply the deposit amount. Up to 250 thousand pounds in the end. This is a lot and the broker clearly does not deserve such money.

Actually, we would like to know about such important trading characteristics as spreads, leverage, margin, swaps and so on. Alas, Bitech Max does not consider it necessary to waste time and imagination on describing them. The thing is that there is no asset trading at all, and we will prove this further.

What about the CDCs, you ask? We think the broker just mentioned them for the sake of emphasizing its status. A search through the text shows that the regulation was stolen from another site. Bitech Max itself mentions the usual types of CFDs such as stocks, indices, or cryptocurrencies, while derivatives are usually futures and forwards.

Trading Platform

The trading software is available only after registration. However, as we have already found out, this is a matter of one minute. We did not check the performance of the downloadable PC version, but we looked at Bitech Max’s WebTrader. In our other reviews, we have already mentioned that this software was developed by a little-known company and is widely used by scammers.

Bitech Max - webtrader

A demo account is missing here, so we can just take a look at the terminal’s functions. Bitech Max really gives the appearance of trading CFDs. Liquidity providers are unknown, so it remains to look at the charts of the most common assets. There are different oscillators and timeframes.

If you fund your account, you will be able to create market and pending orders. However, the paradox is that the deposit button here is also broken. The creators of Bitech Max were clearly in a hurry to launch it on the market without thoroughly testing it.

Bitech Max — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

While researching the compiled regulations, we were hardly able to understand that Bitech Max accepts bank cards and wire transfers as deposit methods. The exact size of the applied commissions is not specified.

The broker notifies that the withdrawal of funds should take place in the same way as the deposit was made. However, as we have already noted, only Bitcoin is available for withdrawal in your personal account. Is this not a clear sign of scammers?


The policy of AML and KYC also seems to be composed of contradictory paragraphs. Bitech Max talks about retail and corporate clients, then describes creating a financial portrait, and demands information about beneficiaries and shareholders. Finally, it refers to the requirements of the US authorities, although CFD trading is generally prohibited in the States. To be honest, it’s all rubbish.

In your client portal, you will also see a form for uploading documents for all occasions. From all kinds of ID cards to bank statements and declarations of deposits. We have no idea what kind of papers the scammers are demanding from their victims. Perhaps just a photo of both sides of a credit card.

Is Bitech Max a Scam?

It’s time for the bottom line and explaining why this strange project is indeed the product of fraudsters. Don’t worry, we know for sure why Bitech Max is not the best option for your investment.

First of all, if you’re planning to invest money, you wouldn’t give it to someone anonymous, would you? Even online? Yes or no? Use your brain! With all due respect, we advise you never to listen to the beautiful words of such companies as Bitech Max. They can call you or find you on social media and promise you anything. However, you should be clear about what information needs to be verified. Yes, this is information about a legal entity and a license for financial activities.

Note that the broker calls itself Bitech Max only. It never gives the name of its legal entity and does not give legal addresses or mention licenses. Just in case, we checked the company registries of all countries that are listed on this site. Of course, there is no Bitech Max organization in them.

Legal information

Finally, just take a look at this impudence in the Bitech Max Terms. Everything will be subject to the laws of the site owner’s country, but do we know the owner and his country? In no case! Disgusting anonymous fake. Domain Info

Of course, Bitech Max couldn’t attract thousands of traders to its supposedly great service. Ordinary people do not understand well what a domain is and how to find out the period of its operation; but we know! According to Whois, the site has been around since August 2022. Well, all the positive online reviews are dated September or November. Amazing reputation, isn’t it?

Domain info

Contacts Review

The scammers are not interested in someone getting to them. So Bitech Max presents prestigious office buildings in Hong Kong and Singapore as their addresses. For absolutely no clear reason, the phone numbers are from Canada and the UK. An attentive person will obviously think about this.

Of course, these numbers are unknown to Google. You can also email or use the feedback form, but will that be of any use?

Pros and Cons

  • None.
  • Weird unfinished site.
  • Insane trading conditions.
  • Cheap and little-known software.
  • No information about deposit methods.
  • Total anonymity.
  • Operating time less than six months.
  • Useless contacts.



Bitech Max Summary

Bitech Max - favi

So, our unbiased investigation concluded that Bitech Max is a total scam. It is very hard to believe the eloquent online reviews that talk about wonderful trading with this broker. Since the site contains a lot of errors. It is completely anonymous and illegal. Here your money will be stolen!

Website information content 2
Client Portal 2
Trading conditions 1
Trading platform 1
Deposit and withdrawal 1
Verification 1
Extra options 1
Licenses and guarantees 1
Work duration 1
Feedback 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does Bitech Max Offer?

The scammers are probably confused about their services. Here they talk about ordinary derivatives, but in fact, there is only CFD trading.

How Much Money Should I Invest With Bitech Max?

The line of accounts requires £5,000 to start. At the same time, the Bitech Max conditions mention a deposit in dollars, so this is a mystery.

Is Bitech Max Safe?

Unfortunately no. This is another online trash that has no documents and is promoted by aggressive marketing.

Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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Client Reviews

  1. Taylor


    Does anyone else think that it is real to make money by trading with such sites? Lol. If you really need it, just google the top forex brokers.

  2. John

    I thought it was a good broker

    And I just couldn’t open an account here. Rather, I opened it when the manager called me and promised to trade advanced contracts with a reliable broker. But then it turned out that they only accept deposits in bitcoin, and I don’t have it. They advised me to open a Binance wallet and even gave instructions, but why the hell do I need them? What’s wrong with accepting cards?

  3. Niel

    Bitech Max are crooks

    I requested a withdrawal of 3590 $ on 11/18/2022 and it is now 2 December. And there is no money in my account yet. They are scammers, they lie in their letters if they answer. Most of the time they don’t respond.

  4. Brook

    They spoiled the desire to trade

    I wanted to try trading with Bitech Max, and as a result, I got stuck on verification. I almost broke my head at all these stages. They constantly reject documents, then the photo is bad, then they entered the name with an error, and they ask for a new upload. It seems that they are not interested in customers at all. It shouldn’t be like this!!

  5. Vangary

    They are scammers and deceivers

    I deposited $300 on the Bitech Max website, as the manager suggested. Little by little, the deposit was reduced. They then convinced me to deposit $5,000 to make it easier to earn. According to them, with a bigger deposit, there are more chances. But the deposit also began to decrease under the strict guidance of the company’s employees. I created an application for the withdrawal of the remaining money and I don’t know when they will approve it. I’ve been waiting for almost a week.