CapitalClique: The World of Global Opportunities or a SCAM?


CapitalClique assures that it will assist you in taking the first step towards the world of global opportunities. Of course, the broker is talking about trading on financial markets, and as you may have already gathered, they are clearly convinced that they can provide traders with the very best. Well, let’s see if this is true or if it’s just another tale from a not-so-original scam. Look for details in our review.

CapitalClique General Information

Phone Number
Email CH +41225013146

UK +442037509996

CA +14388038030

Address Claridenstrasse 41, 8002 Zürich, Switzerland
Minimum Deposit $250
Assets CFDs
Leverage Up to 1:300
Trading Platform WebTrader

Registration and Client Portal Review

The official website of CapitalClique is the pinnacle of aspirations (not). Frankly, it seems like brokers have started cutting corners wherever possible, including their official websites. We mean, seriously, just take a look at this misery. A single image on the homepage says it all. Beyond that, you won’t find anything noteworthy. The broker only offers assurances of how great and glorious they are, and, of course, loads of advertisements. Background images showcase a bunch of happy and satisfied traders. There is minimal legal information and practically no company details. We also noticed that the website is only available in one language. And, of course, what would it be without a plethora of motivational quotes?

CapitalClique - website

Here is yet another remarkable example highlighting the evident logic problems among the creators of CapitalClique — the absence of a registration form. Yes, you heard it right — it’s completely missing. There’s only an authentication form, leaving users uncertain about what to do next. Perhaps a dance with a tambourine is in order.

CapitalClique - no registration

You might wonder, what’s the catch? Well, there are a few possibilities. Firstly, it seems that only those who have received a direct call from CapitalClique can become clients. Secondly, potential users might need to contact customer support first, and then they will decide whether to grant access to the platform or not. In any case, it’s essential to understand that such behavior is far from the norm for a reputable, licensed broker.

On a legitimate platform, everything should be transparent and open. This seems like an attempt to hide some dirty laundry. However, don’t worry. We will uncover the truth, even if we can’t access the client portal to see everything from the inside.

CapitalClique Trading Conditions

It’s only reasonable to expect that a broker should offer something truly remarkable, especially when registration is reserved for the chosen few. So, let’s take a closer look.

Account Types Review

CapitalClique, like many of its counterparts, presents an account tier system. Naturally, they differ in terms of minimum deposits and key features. For instance, the entry-level Self-Managed account allows trading to commence with $250. In addition, clients gain access to a single one-on-one session with a professional trader. However, apart from this, there are no other super-advantageous conditions. The leverage is only 1:5, and trading begins with 25 lots. In other words, if you fund your account with just $250, you simply won’t have enough funds to open an order. It makes us wonder, did the creators of this project even understand what they wrote? Although it seems that they did. This might be a clever plan to push clients to open more expensive accounts, such as the Silver one, requiring a minimum deposit of $10,000. Here, at least, you can trade lots sized at 0.01, and they generously provide daily news.

The other accounts require deposits of 25, 100, 250, and 500 thousand, respectively. As you can see, the broker doesn’t hold back. However, the trading conditions in all accounts are presented quite sparingly. In fact, they seem to focus more on additional services, as if anyone is genuinely interested in them.

Trading Platform

The real mystery here is the trading platform. You see, CapitalClique doesn’t bother to disclose any information about this enigmatic software. Oh yes, and there’s no demo account available. You’ll have to test the platform directly in a live setting. Also, note that due to the absence of any download links, it likely only exists in the web version. This means we won’t be able to verify it since our access to the personal account is restricted. Overall, it’s important to highlight that such secrecy regarding the trading platform is not ideal.

Imagine trying to unravel a mystery without any clues. The company keeps traders in suspense by not revealing any details about the trading software they use.

CapitalClique — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

Here’s another riddle for you: figuring out how to fund your account at CapitalClique. Interestingly, there’s a conspicuous absence of information on deposit and withdrawal methods in any of the provided documents. Even the AML and KYC policy documents are silent on the matter.

You might assume that the mystery will unravel in due course with the assistance of managers or become apparent in the client terminal. However, it raises eyebrows that such a crucial detail is seemingly overlooked. The lack of transparency on this matter, coupled with the broker’s complete anonymity, suggests a likelihood that they exclusively deal with cryptocurrencies.


CapitalClique indicates a requirement for client verification, as suggested by the presence of KYC and AML policies. However, a pertinent question arises: how can clients undergo this verification process when access to the client portal is restricted?

It is essential to note that the verification procedure at CapitalClique does not significantly deviate from commonly accepted practices. The process involves the following steps.

  1. Prepare and submit necessary identification documents, which commonly include a government-issued ID, proof of address, and any other documents as specified by the broker, if necessary.
  2. The submitted documents undergo a review process by the broker’s compliance team.
  3. Upon successful verification, clients receive confirmation and gain access to the full range of services.

Additional Options

We wanted to bring to your attention the array of analytical services offered by CapitalClique. However, there’s a catch — these comprehensive services are predominantly available on the highest-tier accounts.

For those with deposits within the average range, don’t anticipate anything extraordinary. Even if your deposit exceeds the average, the extraordinary might still be out of reach. The mystery lies in the undisclosed nature of their educational resources and market forecasts. Unfortunately, CapitalClique keeps everything interesting behind closed doors, neither sharing insights nor revealing the identities or credentials of their analysts.

Is CapitalClique a Scam?

Well, let’s take a closer look at the legal standing of this super-mysterious broker. Although, of course, we probably have a hunch about the true nature of things here.

In our quest for information, we diligently searched for the broker’s registration details. However, it’s far from amusing that none of the documents specify any jurisdiction or licensing information — absolutely nothing! Despite having three contact numbers provided, CapitalClique is not registered in any of the countries associated with these numbers. The contact section also shows an address in Switzerland. However, this is not the answer to our questions. Of course, such a broker was ultimately not found on the business registry of this state.

CapitalClique: The World of Global Opportunities or a SCAM?

What left us utterly bewildered is the footer, where it literally states, “CapitalClique – Your Company address, City, Country.” So, you get the gist, right? They are not registered anywhere, and it seems they haven’t even bothered to complete their contact details. Now, that’s what we call an approach to business! Domain Info

It’s quite understandable that if a broker hasn’t bothered to fill in even its legal details, it’s likely operating on borrowed time. However, CapitalClique seems to be a crafty member of its kind. Guess what they did? They went ahead and purchased an old domain to mislead both you and us. It’s like saying, “Look, we registered this domain back in 2018.” Well, of course. Nice try. Web archive data clearly shows that the domain was up for sale in 2023. The current owners only acquired it at the end of the year. So, the actual tenure of CapitalClique’s operation is just a matter of a few weeks.

CapitalClique: The World of Global Opportunities or a SCAM?

Contacts Review

CapitalClique offers communication through three phone numbers and one email. Considering that the company is not actually based in Switzerland, it is unlikely that it actually has an office there. It’s evident that this project operates entirely online. Even the existence of phone numbers is quite surprising.

Pros and Cons

  • None.
  • Lack of transparency.
  • Limited contact options with only email and phone numbers.
  • Absence of essential legal information.
  • No clarity on available trading platforms.
  • Suspicious domain history with recent acquisition.

CapitalClique Summary


CapitalClique is unequivocally a fraudulent project. Typically, brokers address legal aspects first and then launch websites inviting users to register accounts. Here, it's the opposite. Therefore, it's not worth investing time in a project that exists only as an anonymous website.

Website information content 2
Client Portal 1
Trading conditions 3
Trading platform 2
Deposit and withdrawal 2
Verification 3
Extra options 4
Licenses and guarantees 1
Work duration 1
Feedback 3
Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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Client Reviews

  1. Good Stranger

    It’s a scam, obviously

    Always remember, it’s crucial to vet your potential broker thoroughly, and this should be done BEFORE depositing any funds, not after. A broker is a company entrusted with your money for trading, and you must have confidence in this intermediary. Otherwise, your money is at risk of being stolen. CapitalClique is precisely the kind of broker that can easily take your money, and I would not recommend even considering such a platform. It’s advisable to move on to more reliable and well-known options.
    This firm is undoubtedly aiming to deceive you for your money. Their website is primitive, which is a red flag. Can a reputable and secure broker have such a website? Certainly not, as a reliable resource should contain comprehensive information about the company’s activities, trading conditions, and the platform. Look for reputable brokers, such as those licensed by the FCA, and you will see the stark contrast in their fully-featured websites compared to the shoddy one-pagers thrown together in a few minutes.
    Aside from the website, regulatory oversight is crucial, as mentioned earlier. CapitalClique lacks any form of regulation, making it an unsuitable platform for trading. This is why it’s essential to verify the company first before making any decisions. This unlicensed broker, based on its official website created in November 2023, is likely engaged in illegal activities, and trusting them with your money would be a grave mistake. Is that something you want?