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1 offers an excellent opportunity to increase capital. However, a quick and large profit is always associated with high risks. Let’s consider what this project is about. Do investors leave positive reviews? Is it possible to safely deposit your account here, or is it a scam? General Information

Phone number
Minimum deposit $25
Yield From 1,5% per day
Investment term From 1 day

Registration and Client Portal Review

We should note that has a rather original official website. Here, the administrators do not hide the fact that investors will deal with the usual HYIP. The creators simply didn’t think long about the legend and told everything as it is. They promise their clients a dynamic program and automatic payouts. However, the solution with background pictures on the website isn’t very clear. Is it possible that immediately after investing in, the investor will get a girl, a beautiful view from the window, and a new car? It’s hard to believe it. - website

The main page shows the latest deposits. Also, there is a small description of the investment plan. Besides, you can write to the operator in the chat.

To register on the site, you will need to fill out a small form with personal data:

  • User name
  • Email
  • Password
  • Invitation link.

You need to agree with the rules. By the way, an invitation link is optional. You can get access to your personal account without it.


The Client Portal itself is quite strange. The main space here is occupied by statistics for the past investment week. You can also deposit your account, view statistics on referrals and change account settings. There is a chat, a section with payment data and a history of all account transactions. - client portal Investment Products’s only products are short-term investments.

Investment Plans Review

There is only one investment plan. It’s called Piggy Bank. Profit is accumulated depending on the day of the week.

  1. Monday — 3%.
  2. Tuesday — 4.5%.
  3. Wednesday — 6%
  4. Thursday — 7.5%
  5. Friday — 9%
  6. Saturday — 1.5%
  7. Sunday — 1.5%

The yield goes into the account in equal parts every 8 hours. Profit is unlimited. Withdrawal can be ordered after 24 hours. However, there is a minimum deposit and a minimum withdrawal amount. These parameters depend on the currency in which the account was deposited. For example, the minimum entry amount for USDT is 25; the output is 15. And for TRX it is 250 and 10 coins. — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

There is a commission for withdrawing money. It ranges from 10 to 25%. Contrary to the statements on the website, says that the administrator has to process requests manually, not automatically. This may take up to 12 hours.

Additional Options

Additionally, you can earn money on the affiliate program. Investors can get 8% of referral deposits, but only the first line. There will also be a 10% pay-per-referral bonus, but this will come from the profit of the first line of referrals.

Is a Scam?

The company doesn’t hide that it offers to work on the HYIP model. Of course, among such projects, there are profitable ones. However, this is a rarity. Usually, most of them turn out to be scammers who don’t return even meager amounts to clients. Let’s check this project for honesty.

This HYIP provides services only on the site. It’s not a real company. For an anonymous development team is hiding. Investors here entrust their money to the Internet platform. It is not legally registered and can simply stop operating at any time and pay nothing to anyone. All payments are also accepted in cryptocurrency. So the creators of the project clearly want to remain anonymous. If it is not a real company, it has no regulation from the supervisory authorities.

Even in the user agreement, there is no hint of who manages Besides, there is surprisingly little information in this document. After reading the Terms, the client will only understand that they may change. To find out about it in time, it is better to subscribe to social networks. The most interesting thing is that it’s not shown how the site makes money. Obviously, in this case, it works according to the model of a financial pyramid. Profits come from new investors losing money. Domain Info

The project works a little longer than a month. Even though the domain was rented back in January, it was filled relatively recently. Also, the project start date is 07/02/2022.

Contacts Review

The site does not contain any contact information, except for email and social networks.There are also no addresses or phone numbers.

More Details

The rules of the project completely ignore any guarantees of payments. However, what can a website-based platform offer? Most likely it won’t last long. Therefore, there are no guarantees.

Pros and Cons

  • The opportunity to earn on the affiliate program.
  • Short-term work.
  • No legal registration.
  • Inflated profit.
  • No license.
  • No guarantees.


3.3 TOTAL SCORE Summary - favi is a very dubious project that has been running for a little over a month. There are no reviews for it yet. How the profit is generated is unknown. The developers maintain complete anonymity and don’t make any promises. It is unlikely to be a great place to invest due to the high risk and low likelihood of success.

Website information content 7
Client portal 5
Investment products 3
Deposit and withdrawal 3
Extra options 4
Licenses and guarantees 1
Work duration 1
Feedback 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is an Investment Company?

No, it’s a typical HYIP.

How Long Has Been Working?

The project has only been working for a couple of months. is Trustworthy or Not?

No, it’s not trustworthy.

Teodora Jolana
Teodora Jolana
Investment Advisor

Teodora lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She constantly monitors the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies and innovative investment projects. Read her articles to stay informed!

Teodora lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She constantly monitors the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies and innovative investment projects. Read her articles to stay informed!

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Client Reviews

  1. Monica

    They stole my money

    I have been on this web for the second month, but nothing has changed. Zero promotion. I submitted a withdrawal request. According to the terms and conditions, I can refuse the services of the company and take the money. However, I was politely asked to shut my mouth and hope that the money would be returned. These pennies are not so important to me, but now I will write the truth about these scammers everywhere.

  2. Robert

    Don't trust promises

    These are scammers who promise you unrealistic profits and «passive income». You transfer money to them and they disappear. The support service is not responding and there is no way you can contact them anymore.

  3. Zach

    No reason to trust them

    It’s a typical scam that is not even hidden. Signs that it will quickly collapse a lot. No license, incomprehensible activity, no warranty, unknown developer, and so on. Save your money and don’t invest here.