Equity Gates Review: A Portal to the Financial Markets or a SCAM?


Equity Gates describes itself as a portal to the financial markets. As always, they claim that you will feel comfortable and safe on their platform. However, is this really the case? We will find out in our comprehensive review. At the same time, we will also check whether this broker is a scam.

Equity Gates General Information

Website https://equitygates.com/
Phone Number
Email support@equitygates.com
Minimum Deposit €12,500
Assets CFDs
Leverage Up to 1:400
Trading Platform WebTrader

Registration and Client Portal Review

Equity Gates has created a rather minimalist website. In fact, it features a very simple design, with a white background and minimal information. This gives the impression that it is somewhat underdeveloped. Primarily because many links and tabs simply do not work. Additionally, the poor quality of the content is quite noticeable. In fact, there is hardly any information provided about the company itself. On the homepage, there are a couple of market trend screeners related to cryptocurrencies, but otherwise, there are mostly statements urging people to invest and open an account on this platform. In essence, we haven’t noticed anything particularly positive here.

Equity Gates - website

The registration process on the Equity Gates platform seemed very easy. In particular, all you need to do is enter your phone number and email. After that, you will receive an email with login credentials for your account. However, the fact that Equity Gates generates the password for you and it is not very good. This raises security concerns because it means that the broker has full access to your account information, potentially compromising the security of your personal and financial data. It is generally recommended for users to set their own passwords to ensure greater security and control over their accounts.

Equity Gates - register

Furthermore, the personal account of Equity Gates looks quite typical and standard. It can be described in a negative light as it offers only the most basic and necessary functions. These functions include viewing account balance, deposit and withdrawal options, and accessing trading tools. However, there is a lack of additional features or advanced tools that could enhance the trading experience for users. This limited functionality may be disappointing for traders who are accustomed to more comprehensive platforms with a wider range of tools and resources.

Equity Gates - Client Portal

Equity Gates Trading Conditions

The trading conditions offered by Equity Gates are undoubtedly the most intriguing aspect of this platform. After all, it promises to be the pathway to financial freedom. Let’s take a closer look at where it all begins.

Account Types Review

Equity Gates offers just four types of accounts, making the idea of easy entry into financial markets a distant dream. Why? Well, because the minimum deposit with this “modest” broker starts at a whopping €12,500.

The Silver account requires a minimum deposit of 25,000, Gold is set at 75,000, while VIP Platinum demands a whopping 150,000. The difference between these accounts lies solely in the leverage size and spread amounts. All accounts allow scalping and crypto trading, along with a personal manager. However, the leverage is exceptionally high, which, by the way, is generally prohibited.

It’s worth noting that no additional services are mentioned at all, and the minimum deposits seem unreasonable. Furthermore, Equity Gates positions itself as a crypto broker, but in reality, it offers trading with CFD assets. This is problematic because you can’t actually purchase real cryptocurrency here.

Trading Platform

The trading terminal provided by Equity Gates lacks several essential features. Firstly, it’s worth noting that the platform is merely a web trader, which means it lacks the robustness and functionality of standalone trading software that many traders prefer. As a web-based platform, it may also be prone to technical glitches and slower performance compared to dedicated trading software.

Equity Gates - WebTrader

One glaring omission is the absence of a demo account feature. Demo accounts are invaluable tools for traders, especially beginners, as they provide a risk-free environment to practice trading strategies without risking real money. Furthermore, the trading terminal offers minimal features and is subpar for trading purposes. There is a limited selection of technical indicators, charting tools, and analysis capabilities, making it challenging for traders to conduct thorough market analysis.

Equity Gates — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

The broker also offers a very limited range of deposit methods. In fact, traders can only use cryptocurrency transfers in BTC, ETH, and USDT. Withdrawals are also available only through cryptocurrency. This highly restrictive practice raises concerns and suggests that Equity Gates is likely attempting to conceal the source of funds and maintain complete anonymity. Such a limited and anonymous approach to financial transactions may undermine transparency and raise suspicions about the legitimacy of the platform.


The verification process can be completed in the Equity Gates Client Portal. Users are required to submit personal information such as full name, date of birth, residential address, and contact details.

Next, traders need to upload clear and valid copies of identification documents, such as a government-issued ID (passport, driver’s license) and proof of address (utility bill, bank statement). Once the documents are submitted, they undergo a review process by the platform’s verification team. This process typically takes a few business days.

Upon successful verification, traders receive confirmation via email or notification in their client portal, indicating that their account is now fully verified and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Additional Options

When it comes to additional features, Equity Gates offers limited options. In fact, the only notable offering we’ve come across is the availability of consultations with a personal manager. This proposition, however, raises significant concerns given the substantial deposit requirements. Furthermore, Equity Gates fails to provide any information regarding the expertise or qualifications of their managerial team. It remains unclear whether these managers are professional traders or individuals of unknown background.

Is Equity Gates a Scam?

Let’s finally address the main question: what does this broker represent in terms of legitimacy? Is it safe to work with them, or is it better to not even consider them?

The broker’s legitimacy is a real mystery. The problem lies in the fact that absolutely nothing essential is provided anywhere on the website. The agreement doesn’t specify the jurisdiction in which Equity Gates operates. Even the company’s details and name are not disclosed.

There’s nothing in the contacts section that would indicate the country of registration for Equity Gates. Therefore, we can only conclude that this project is not officially registered anywhere and has not obtained a license to operate. Because if it were truly a licensed broker, it would have provided all necessary documents openly.

Equitygates.com Domain Info

Another indirect evidence of the fraudulent nature of Equity Gates is its short operating period. In fact, all the talk about its experience and leadership in the industry is nonsense. In reality, the project only started operating in early 2024. This can easily be seen through domain verification services like Whois. According to it, the website was created only on January 29th. So, think for yourself if you need such a broker.

Equity Gates Review: A Portal to the Financial Markets or a SCAM?

Contacts Review

Equity Gates only provides an email address as contact information. This is problematic because it lacks transparency and accessibility. Having only an email for contact limits communication channels and makes it difficult for clients to reach out for support or assistance in a timely manner.

More details

If Equity Gates is not registered anywhere, then in terms of trading, things are much worse. In fact, we can confidently assert that your orders are not routed to the interbank market, and that the company operates on a forex-dealing desk model, not on STP.

This means that Equity Gates executes trades internally, rather than routing them to the open market. This setup creates a conflict of interest between the broker and the trader, as the broker may profit from traders’ losses. Additionally, it raises concerns about transparency and fair execution, as the broker has control over trade execution and pricing.

Pros and Cons

  • Simple registration process.
  • Lack of transparency in company registration.
  • Limited trading account options with high minimum deposits.
  • Limited range of payment methods.
  • Poor website design and functionality.
  • Lack of regulatory oversight.
  • Short operating history.

Equity Gates Summary

Equity Gates - favi

Equity Gates bears little resemblance to a legitimate one. Therefore, we do not recommend collaborating with them. They have not made the effort to obtain either a license or registration. Thus, trading here means risking your money.

Website information content 3
Client Portal 3
Trading conditions 3
Trading platform 3
Deposit and withdrawal 2
Verification 3
Extra options 2
Licenses and guarantees 1
Work duration 1
Feedback 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does Equity Gates Offer?

According to their trading conditions, they provide access to a range of markets and asset classes. However, it’s essential to review their offerings thoroughly before making any investment decisions.

How Much Money Should I Invest With Equity Gates?

Equity Gates requires a minimum deposit of 12,500 euros, which is quite substantial. However, the decision on how much to invest ultimately depends on individual financial circumstances and risk tolerance.

Is Equity Gates Safe?

No, Equity Gates is not considered safe. The broker operates without proper registration or licensing, and there is a lack of transparency regarding its corporate identity.

Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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    They keep calling and won’t stop, spammers! I don’t know where these phone bullies got my number from, but this is beyond outrageous! For about a week now, I can’t get rid of these persistent calls with a unique offer from these scoundrels! And every time, new numbers, and every time, the anti-spam from the operator doesn’t help! And every time, the same dialogue! And every time, a new scumbag on the other end of the line! It’s unbearable already, I’ve already memorized the name of their company, Equity Gates, by heart, and every time they call as if it’s the first time! I’m at my wits’ end! I’ve tried talking to them calmly, asking them to remove my number from their database, screaming, and ignoring. All to no avail. How can this be stopped? I don’t want to change my number.