GoldNrise Review: Is It a SCAM Broker or Legit?

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Are you tired of falling for scam brokers? Have you had enough of reading fake positive reviews that lure you into a trap? Then you might want to read this article about GoldNrise. We will expose the truth behind this broker and warn you about the risks of dealing with it. Get ready to discover its dark side.

GoldNrise General Information

Phone Number +18194843324
Address 40 Bowling Green Ln, London EC1R 0NE
Minimum Deposit $500
Assets CFDs
Leverage Up to 1:500
Trading Platform Unknown FxPro MT5

Registration and Client Portal Review

One of the first things we noticed about GoldNrise was its poorly designed website. It seemed to be a mix of different templates, and while the broker boasts about itself on the homepage, it urges clients to open an account immediately. The website appears to have been hastily thrown together with no regard for user experience or aesthetic appeal. The lack of attention to detail is obvious, and it suggests that GoldNrise is not a professional or reputable broker. The platform is uninformative, and it fails to provide even basic information about the broker’s services or policies.

GoldNrise - website

Opening an account with GoldNrise requires a promo code, which is not provided on the website. While a broker-manager may give you one during a call, it’s frustrating not to know how to access the Client Portal. It’s not ideal when a broker requires a promo code for registration because it adds an unnecessary step to the process and can create confusion for potential clients.

Without clear instructions on where to obtain the promo code, clients may feel discouraged from continuing with the registration process. Additionally, it may give the impression that the broker is trying to make the registration process exclusive or limited to a select few.

GoldNrise Trading Conditions

It seems that many brokers tend to exaggerate the superiority of their trading conditions. It is detrimental for traders as they may make investment decisions based on unrealistic expectations, leading to losses. Besides, it creates a culture of distrust in the industry, because traders may feel that brokers are not being transparent with them. The same thing GoldNrise does.

Account Types

You should understand that GoldNrise is a regular CFD broker. That’s all. Traders have five account options to choose from. As usual, the more expensive accounts are offering more services. The minimum deposit is $500, but there is no information on the size of spreads and commissions for any account. The broker offers smart money management and trading insurance. By the way, trading insurance is not a real thing in the market. The broker also provides education and market analysis, but the analysts are anonymous and likely do not have the qualifications or experience to provide quality analysis.

Trading Platform

We were confused when we saw GoldNrise’s trading platform provided to its clients. They claim that use FxPro’s MT5. However, MT5 does not belong to FxPro. It was developed by MetaQuotes Ltd. FxPro and other brokers have simply acquired a license to use the platform.

Additionally, GoldNrise’s offer to download an app for trading is essentially useless since the broker is not served by MetaQuotes. We already have the downloaded app, but GoldNrise is not among the list of supported brokers. The only possibility is that this dummy company may work as a part of FxPro’s affiliate program and under the guise of a broker, it can bring in clients to FxPro to receive a commission.

GoldNrise — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

GoldNrise does not specify deposit methods clearly, only mentioning that deposits and withdrawals can be done through credit cards and bank transfers, with possible commissions. It seems that clients should figure out for themselves how to fund an account.


Despite the closed registration, GoldNrise still requires clients to go through a verification process. However, the details of this procedure are not described in detail on the website, and the KYC Policy document is missing. Nonetheless, we can assume that the process will be standard, involving identity verification and address of residence confirmation, with the possibility of providing a bank statement.

Additional Options

GoldNrise offers bonuses and a partnership program, with large bonus amounts depending on the account you choose. However, it’s difficult to withdraw these bonuses due to certain conditions that need to be met. Additionally, regulators do not look kindly upon this practice.

Is GoldNrise a Scam?

As experts in investigative reporting, we have the knowledge and skills to identify potential scams in the financial industry. In case the arguments presented so far are not convincing enough, here are some additional concerns regarding GoldNrise.

GoldNrise claims that IOS Investments LTD is its management company, which is registered and licensed in Belize. However, the fact that IOS Investments is listed in the registry of offshore companies in Belize does not necessarily mean that it is licensed to operate as a broker. The International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) is the regulatory authority that oversees and issues licenses to brokers in Belize. However, a search of the IFSC licensed providers list does not yield any results for IOS Investments. Therefore, GoldNrise’s claim of being licensed by IFSC is either a blatant lie or a sign that they are trying to pass themselves off as another entity.

Legal data check Domain Info

Although the broker does not specify how long they have been operating, it is highly unlikely that you have heard of GoldNrise before. Moreover, a simple domain check reveals that the company is a newcomer to the industry, with its website launched in December 2022.

Domain info

Contacts Review

The contact information provided by GoldNrise raises further doubts about the legitimacy of the broker. Even though the company claims to be registered in Belize, its contact details include a phone number in the United States and an address in England. This contradiction raises questions about the broker’s true location. Furthermore, upon closer inspection, there is no confirmation that GoldNrise actually has an office at the English address provided.

More Details

Besides, this kind of company is not unique in its kind. We have seen similar ones before. It’s all about memorable branding and marketing tactics, with a similar website layout, registration forms, promotional codes, and other minor details. It’s a whole line of scams. For instance, you may also want to take a look at brokers such as Virgobanc and Torobanc. They are all part of the same network as GoldNrise.

Worse yet, what we’ve noticed is the fraudulent marketing tactics used by GoldNrise. They have no qualms about buying positive reviews, and some websites even mark these reviews as fake. Really. It’s hard to explain the appearance of positive comments like “top-notch broker,” “best broker,” “one of the best in the Forex market today,” and so on for a company that has no name, no registration, and no decent trading conditions. It’s even funnier that these comments were written on the same day and only a few minutes apart. It’s truly despicable.

Fake reviews

Pros and Cons

  • None.
  • Fake legal data
  • No license
  • Short operation period
  • Whole scam line
  • Fake and purchased reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does GoldNrise Offer?

GoldNrise offers usual CFD trading and a couple of additional services such as education and analysis.

How Much Money Should I Invest With GoldNrise?

You should deposit at least 500 dollars according to broker conditions.

Is GoldNrise Safe?

No, and no again. Such anonymous fraudulent companies are always aimed at one thing only – to take your money.

Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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Client Reviews

  1. Viola

    I should have checked the reputation of these scammers before getting involved with them.

    Hi, my name is Viola. I found out about their questionable treatment of clients through personal experience. And even though I started with only $1,000, it doesn’t mean that I’m happy to lose them because of the scammers’ unwillingness to return them. I decided to leave because the commissions on each closed order far exceeded any possible profit. But as you may have guessed, GoldNrise is not returning my deposit.

  2. Molly Shiffer

    I've cursed the day I registered with these amateurs.

    No one warned me before registration that the software here, to put it mildly, doesn’t quite meet expectations. In short, it doesn’t work at all! I invested $2,000, hoping to make money gradually and carefully. But no strategy will work if the terminal delays the display of quotes…

    1. Wendy

      Big promises too good to be true!

      Golgnrise almost had me for $5000, but as I have read here they will not get another cent from me. I stand to lose $450 that I have given so far. I will see if I can get back. So glad I have read these posts.

      1. Larry

        Yes, they got me for $30000.

        It all started with the commercial on TV from Elon Musk. Stating Canadians will never have to work again. That’s where it started. IPhone the number that was on the screen and I got switch to golden rise without even knowing it. And they said the initial sign up fee was $250. And then it went up-and-up and up more money to make more money to make more money. We’re not making enough, we gotta put more in. And when all the numbers were said and done, I’m out $30000.

  3. Harold

    I agree with the negative reviews

    At first, I thought I’d start with the minimum, but then decided that it would take much more time to build up, and invested $1,000. I shouldn’t have been in such a hurry. I should have checked this so-called broker for its trustworthiness first. When I tried to withdraw $200 and the request wasn’t approved, I decided to read about GoldNrise on forums and was shocked that they have no reputation. I estimate that I won’t be able to get my invested funds back, unfortunately.

  4. Mike

    A hard lesson.l.

    I invested quite heavily. I was encouraged to take out a loan for $10,000.00. I have so far
    made $35,000.00 in profits. Yet not one dime
    has made its way into my bank account as my
    requests for withdrawals are not approved.
    Yet they keep asking me to deposit more
    funds in my trading account.
    I fear I have proven that there is no fool like an
    old fool! I have no confidence of seeing any
    money ever! I guess I’ve learned a very expensive lesson!

  5. Ed

    I registered with GoldnRise company to use the quantum Ai platform. My first deposit was $250 Canadian. I was assigned to a Lady (so I thought she was a lady) broker by the name of Mary Gaylor (her email: mary-gaylor@
    At first Mary showed trustworthy words and attitude. She explained the process of trading and created an account on Quantum Ai platform. This was truly exciting when I saw all those trading positions and how fast profit accumulates and grow. She also registered me on another platform as my Wallet. Wallet site was used to receive Fiat currency (dollars) from my bank account in crypto currency and then transferred to Quantum Ai in US (dollars) Unknowingly to me this was a process they established to launder the moneys to their controlled Quantum Ai platform.
    For few days things were running smooth until Mary started with her scamming tactics teaching me how to make more money by adding more funds to the margin. I resisted her proposals but she continued with her shameless unknowingly to me scamming tactics, urge me to invest more. I blinked under her heavy pressure and deposited another $500. That lasted for 3-4 days and I was shown healthy growth of the profit balance which grew to be about $3000 US. I was happy and shortly after that she came back with more scamming tactics urging me indirectly to deposit at lease another 5000 dollars. To cut the story short I opted to deposit another 1000 Canadian. So now my total investment was $1750 Canadian. The account suddenly burst into positive and it reached just over $6000 profit. I was so elated and I thought that’s enough to pay my car loan. But before I could request a withdrawal Mary came at me with vengeance for more deposit. I adamantly refused. And when she saw I am not bugging she left with a goodbye. Minutes later when I viewed my account, I was sickened to see all profit was wiped out clean with only few dollars left. Mary emailed me saying that they (goldnrise) have taken control of my account and that she can never be able to open my account. few minutes later a big leader of the company called and told me that they have retired Mary for some irregularities and that he is taken over my account. This new shameless and enemy of people manager, tried to assure me with his false narrative tactics that if I deposit another 3000 dollars my account will be saved. I realised but too late that I have been taken and my money have been stolen. This manager of mayhem with no integrity or any shame kept hammering his with his tactics of lies and deception. I hanged up.

    1. July


      I am same like you. I requested to withdrawal my many. They never contacted to me any more. I still waiting to reply to me. I send last email to Mary and Manager Johnny. 《I will go to report the police 》.They not reply to me nothing.

    2. GP


      Mary Gaylor. Yes. The same happened to me. Luckily I only invest $1,750 CAD. After a while of pressing me for money she said her grandmother died, her father was ill and she had to step away to go back to Germany to deal with her eatate. She told me another broker will call me. They never did. Never heard from anyone again. Can never get this money back. A hard lesson learned. We are all in this together folks!

  6. Carmine


    I was lured by Facebook add with Elon Musk telling us about a 250$ investment in an A.I. Platform that generate untold amounts of money in a very short amount of time. Soon after I am being hounded everyday to deposit more money. When they fail to convince me I am passed around to another expert to try and convince me. Now my account has made upwards of of 600$ US, but will I ever be able to get it out. Can you advise me on how I could proceed to get my money out.

    1. Anoop Sharma


      I think that I’ve been made fool by goldnrise, they now start showing me that I earn almost 23k usd through automated system of investing, then I got click in my mind that it is fake, then from almost 1 month they keep calling me for withdrawal, and for withdrawal they asking me for commission money which is 14% of the amount. Now I’m seeking a right suggestion from you. That what should I do next.

  7. Shirin Pourtangaki

    0 scammers

    Goldnrise is not real please please do not trust them

  8. Clement Smith

    Goldnrise is fraud

    Hi Subhash,
    I am currently trading with goldnrise. First of all, every time Andrea Marios calls me, it’s from a different number. Everything was fine until I told her that I want to withdraw. Suddenly she was throwing a brick wall in my face and explained that it would hurt my account. She quickly opened eight more trades and now there was no money to withdraw.
    Today those trades was at a profit of over $6000 and then she had a look and suddenly it was at -$6000. I checked the opening price on my deals list compare to the opening prices on my trading list and the trading list opening prices has changed. This is fraud. She keep on asking for more money not to miss opportunities.

  9. Ilili

    Goldnrise is all SCAM

    It is a big scam. Please protect yourself and do not send any money to these people. Scammed me for 10’s of 1000’s of dollars. I kept putting in more and more money. Now I am in huge amount of debt and doubting my sanity at times for trusting them.

  10. Ilili


    IT IS A SCAM. Please don’t send these blood suckers any money, you will not see a penny back.

  11. steve Edwards

    lots of pressure for more money

    i have almost 19000 us dollars in my profit margin and when i closed my account i could not cash my profit. only after i sent them my broker fees of 2500.

    they will no send me on money or take the fees out of my profile.

    i have one of two days before they take all of the money away from me

    Don’t invest with these people

  12. Ken


    They hook you with a minimum investment of a couple of hundred dollars. After showing you how you can play the money market and gain they get you to invest further. In my case I put in another $3000 – more cautious than they wanted. Over a couple of days I’d gained over $5000, turning my investment of $3000 into over $8000. Then one morning I logged into my account and there was nothing there – all my investments were closed out and the money was gone. And the scam artist that had been guiding me? Nowhere to be found.

  13. Dave A

    Absolute scam

    An absolute scam. In a period of slightly over one month I was bounced between 3 trade advisors. The common thread was an increasing pressure to add funds to my “account”. The third “trader” was Andrea, and was particularly aggressive in her attempts to have me load funds. Trading in oil was one aggressive approach. Had I done so, when oil was $89 plus a barrel, I would have lost it all. When I decided to close my account and withdraw my balance (4 weeks ago) I have had nothing but silence. Fortunately I only invested the minimum.

  14. Adel Gabriel


    This is a very urgent call to all potential victims.
    Please avoid Goldnrise by all means. They use scamming tactics to take your money, and to prevent you even from asking to withdraw it. These include offering you large number of Credits for your account, calming that you may lose your money in the market, if you do not accept credits. They use false tokens on platforms to fiddle with the way that conform their false claims. I conform that you will lose all your money, unless you take immediate steps. Forst verify who they are, if are registered with your country state or province to do trading, there license number and where is the registered office. Also, after all, if you have claimed money and can’t withdraw it, immediately file a police report, the international police fraud department will be most helpful, and if you have a lawyer, do not hesitate to get them involved immediately.

  15. Adel


    I must ask all victims against Goldnrise, to join me in the criminal Fraud case.
    Please text me for immediate court criminal action ASAP. I want a feedback asap
    thank you