LiquidityX Review: Forex and CFD SCAM?

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LiquidityX is a Forex and CFD broker operated by a Greek company. The local regulator HCMC has licensed it. On the pages of their website, the founders talk about worry-free trading on the most secure platform. However, we will look at uncomplimentary reviews and analyze legal documents. Are there scammers hiding here?

LiquidityX General Information

Phone Number +30 21 1199 5046
Address 58, Metropoleos Street, 105 63, Athens, Greece
License HCMC 2/11/24.5.1994
Minimum Deposit €250
Assets CFDs
Leverage To 1:30
Trading Platform MetaTrader 4, WebTrader

Registration and Client Portal Review

The LiquidityX website greets the visitor with an unbalanced design and an invitation to trade that makes a difference. It is difficult to agree with this statement when it comes to CFDs. The broker is well aware of this and places a non-removable element with a high-risk warning at the bottom of the browser window. Between 74% and 89% of traders lose money when trading CFDs. Upbeat!

LiquidityX - official site

However, LiquidityX offers to craft the future of trading, especially since it is a licensed broker. Let’s try to create an account here right away. To do this, fill out a standard form.


Provide your name and contact information. Please note that the company provides services only to residents of the European Economic Area. (At the same time, the phone code of any country in the world is available for selection for some reason).

LiquidityX - client portal

Next, you need to fill out a questionnaire. The client should inform LiquidityX of his investment goals, trading experience, estimated annual income, education, etc. If everything is done correctly, then in a couple of minutes you can get access to your client portal. On the left side, the trader sees a list of available assets, and on the right side, a price chart.

Without verification, you can work on a demo account for 6 months. To open a real account, you will need to go through the verification procedure. It is possible to trade without documents, but the period is limited to 3 weeks.

Also, in the LiquidityX client portal, you can deposit your account, use trading tools, go through verification, change profile data, and contact the operator. By the way, there is no two-factor authentication. The password for the next login will be simply sent to your email.

LiquidityX Trading Conditions

LiquidityX considers itself to be a versatile broker that has all the ingredients for successful trading. Both retail and professional traders can cooperate with it (according to the European directive MiFID 2).

Account Types Review

As usual, the list of available services depends on the selected tariff. However, the differentiation of accounts is reminiscent of a one-day broker, not a licensed European intermediary. See for yourself.

Name Minimum Deposit, EUR Leverage Spreads (as an example for some assets)
Basic 250 1:30 From 3.0
Gold 25,000 1:30 From 2.7
Platinum 100,000 1:30 From 2.1
VIP 250,000 1:30 From 1.6

Also, the same features are available on all accounts: market analysis, economic insights, web TV, and so on. Not very interesting. Also, LiquidityX may change the size of the minimum deposit and other parameters at any time without your consent.


The detailed size of spreads, swaps and other specifications for each asset is unknown. You can find out these parameters directly in the WebTrader, but it’s not very convenient, is it? In any case, the step of increasing the deposit looks too huge. The benefit, in turn, is doubtful. Clients of LiquidityX will only get lower spreads.

Trading Platform

The WebTrader platform is familiar to both beginners and more experienced clients. It has over 350 CFD contract products, a demo account, and charting support for analysis. According to the creators, a trader should not compromise, because he has a lot of opportunities.


Indeed, you can test a variety of technical indicators, timeframes, and other tools. Besides, LiquidityX has partnered with MetaTrader 4. If you want to use this traditional trading software, you can download the app to your PC or open the web version from any device.

LiquidityX — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

There are several options for making a deposit:

  • Debit/credit cards
  • E-Wallets (e.g. Sofort or Trustly)
  • Wire transfers.

LiquidityX does not charge any fees for deposits (additional fees may apply from third-party agents). When withdrawing, rates will depend on the selected account type. The term for the transfer of funds is up to 5 business days.


To verify your account, you need to upload 2 standard types of documents:

  • Identity card (or passport, or driver’s license)
  • Address confirmation (up-to-date utility bill or bank statement).

Apart from that, LiquidityX requests confirmation of your payment details. It can be both sides of a credit card, a screenshot of your e-wallet profile, or a bank transfer confirmation. Document processing time is usually about 3 business days.


Since LiquidityX is an authorized broker in the European Economic Area, it cannot offer bonuses or aggressive marketing practices. So on the company’s website, you will find only educational materials. However, their benefits can hardly be overestimated.

LiquidityX - education

First of all, only logged-in users have access to books and guides. However, after the login, many materials will remain blocked. To finally take advantage of them, you have to make a deposit.

LiquidityX also offers short-text articles on different types of trading assets, trading strategies, technical analysis, and other basics. The information in them will be new and useful only for absolute beginners. By the way, you can use the trader’s calculator, but only to find out the breakdown of commissions for a possible trade.

Is LiquidityX a Scam?

Unfortunately, it is already clear that LiquidityX is not the best option for trading. We will test our assumptions with online open sources and company documents.

LiquidityX is managed by Capital Securities S.A. The company has a license from HCMC, but only since 2021 has received permission to provide cross-border CFD trading services. This license from the Greek regulator also allows it to manage client portfolios and provide investment advice.

LiquidityX - license

However, we were confused by the date the permit was issued. At the time of writing this article, the broker has been operating for just over a year, so it is difficult to assess its reliability. Domain Info

Just in case, we checked the history of the domain. It was created back in 2016. However, the web archive shows that the broker was launched in August 2021. shows that the broker is not doing well. Traffic is about 200k people monthly, over the past month, it has decreased by 36%. So far, it is most popular in Italy and Portugal.

Contacts Review

There are several options for contacting LiquidityX, including a phone number, email, and online chat. The chat has 5 regional departments, which is convenient for users who speak different languages. The company’s headquarters is located in Athens.


Interestingly, there is only a Greek number for communication. And on the Greek site, it won bad marks. People from different countries are complaining about spam, scams, and automated calls.

Pros and Cons

  • European license.
  • Convenient trading platform.
  • Strange trading conditions.
  • Short run time.
  • All payment information is required.
  • Useless training.
  • Spam complaints.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does LiquidityX Offer?

This is an ordinary CFD broker who pretends to be a forex broker. In fact, there is no output of transactions to the interbank.

How Much Money Should I Invest With It?

According to the account line, the minimum deposit is $250. However, LiquidityX warns that it can change the value at will.

Is LiquidityX Safe?

At least the broker has a valid license. However, it warns that up to 89% of clients lose money trading CFDs. Decide for yourself.

Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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Client Reviews

  1. Zizi

    Scam broker

    First of all, it’s a market maker, not an ECN or STP broker. They are not affiliated with any liquid exchange providers. This means that they have a margin that allows them to play at a price to make you lose or win. At first, they allow you to win. After that, you will lose both the profit and the deposit, or one of them. They will never let you win and withdraw money because that would be their loss. My advice to everyone is to stay away from LiquidityX.

  2. Ann

    I lost money with these scammers

    I was led by the fact that they have a license, but something seems to have gone wrong for them. I invested 600 dollars, and after 2 months the money was gone… They explained it with my unsuccessful trading strategy… But it seems to me that they just prevented me from trading well. There were constant requotes and slippages…

    1. LiquidityX Support Team

      LiquidityX Support Team

      Dear Ann,

      We are very sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience with LiquidityX. If you let us, we will be able to fix the issue. Please send us an email with your inquiry at

      Kind Regards
      LiquidityX Team

  3. Natan

    Terribly disappointed

    Everything was going fine until I tried to withdraw the money, only what I had deposited at first. And I did not touch the profit. I deliberately explained the withdrawal as “money urgently needed”, and yes! LiquidityX responded quickly and froze my account! So it turned out to be a scam. If anyone knows how to return the money, please write.