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Twenty percent per annum is a good yield; a hundred is generally gorgeous. What if there is an opportunity to earn 500% in just 5 days? It seems that such a yield is not true, but Migas Investment assures that this is possible. How does the company manage to earn so much and how many new millionaires have written positive reviews about this project? Or maybe it’s a scam?

Migas Investment General Information

Website https://migasinvestment.com/
Phone number
Email support@migasinvestment.com
Address 24/3 Roseburn Pl, Edinburgh EH12 5NL, United Kingdom
Minimum deposit $10
Assets Financial markets
Yield 128% after 1 day
Investment term From 1 to 5 days

Registration and Client Portal Review

The official website is rather pretentious. The visitor is informed he’s landed on a leading investment company’s resource. Moreover, Migas Investment is focused on providing high-quality and long-term investment opportunities. It’s strange, but in the description of services, there is not even a single long-term tariff plan, even approximately. Investment plans are for one, three, or five days. That’s what makes Migas Investment more like a highly profitable HYIP than some real investment company. Besides, there is a catastrophically lack of information about the company, only a list of imaginary and potential advantages of cooperation with it.

Migas Investment Website

You can register by filling out the form with:

  • First and last name
  • User Name
  • Password
  • Email
  • Crypto-ID or E-wallet.

Registration on migasinvestment.com

The project allows depositing accounts only with cryptocurrency or Perfect Money/Payeer. Legal firms usually use wire transfers and cards. It’s turning into a HYIP or pyramid scheme.

However, there will be problems even at the registration stage. The company sends a confirmation link to the mail, but every time it’s invalid. As a result, the personal account remains unavailable.

Migas Investment: Investment Products

The company offers three investment plans.

Investment Plans Review

Even though the principal amount is included in the payout, the yield is still gigantic.

  1. 128% in 1 day. The minimum deposit is $10. The maximum you can invest is $50,000.
  2. 380% after three days. The minimum deposit amount is $351. The maximum is $70,000.
  3. 530% after 5 days. You can invest from 2 thousand to 100 thousand dollars.

Making $530,000 out of $100,000 in just 5 days sounds unrealistic for any investment fund. There is no such asset that can give the named yield in such a short period. Besides, for all plans, the project promises its clients 5% referral payments from each referred client.

Migas Investment — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

Among the deposit methods, there are only crypto, Payeer, and Perfect Money. The money will be available in the account after 1 day. The company doesn’t charge a withdrawal fee.

Additional Options

The platform has a fairly simple single-level affiliate program. You need to invite a friend using your referral link. For each invited client you will receive 5%.

Is Migas Investment a Scam?

The company really doesn’t talk much about itself. In the FAQ section, there is only a small mention that real traders work on the site. They are, apparently, earning fabulous profits for clients in just a few days, but how is this possible? Everything here seems like a scam. If Migas Investment employees are so qualified that they can trade 500% in 5 days, why would they even work for someone? Let’s find out the truth.

Firstly, Migas Investment doesn’t provide specific information about its owner-company. There is a certain Migas Investments Limited in the Companies House. But the name of this company doesn’t completely match. Also, the legal addresses presented on the website and in the profile of Migas Investments Limited also differ. Besides, the type of activity of the original company is security dealing on its own account. In other words, this company trades assets and not with client money. What’s more, there are no ten years of experience here. The company was incorporated on February 26, 2021.

Entity broker check

The FCA must regulate the activities of investment companies. However, there is not a hint of Migas Investment in the registry of this supervisory authority. The company provides financial services illegally.

License check

Migasinvestment.com Domain Info

In the About Us section, the company says that it was founded 10 years ago. However, it’s not very popular. Reviews about it appeared only in 2021. Therefore, the legend of ten years of work is nonsense. We checked the domain registry and found another inconsistency there. The official website of Migas Investment exists only from July 24, 2021.

Migas Investment - domain info

Contacts Review

Of the contacts, the investment company gives clients only the email. This lack of information looks very suspicious.

More Details

Investors should also read the section with frequently asked questions. Unfortunately, such an ultra-high profit on the site is still not guaranteed. The company honestly admits that investments involve risk and losses are possible.

It doesn’t give any guarantees to users. It advises not to invest more than the client can painlessly lose and distributes the investment budget between long-term and short-term investments.

Pros and Cons

  • Multiple investment plans
  • Referral program.
  • Short-term of existence
  • Lack of registration
  • No guarantees
  • Inflated profitability
  • No license
  • Lack of reviews about the project.



Migas Investment Summary

Migas Investment - icon

Migas Investment is only pretending to be a solid company. This HYIP is nothing and promises an inflated yield. Besides, it functions according to the pyramid scheme and your money will not be returned in the end. You shouldn’t risk your capital like that, hoping for an ephemeral profit.

Website information content 5
Client portal 5
Investment products 4
Deposit and withdrawal 3
Extra options 3
Licenses and guarantees 1
Work duration 2
Feedback 2

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Migas Investment Regulated?

No, this company is unregulated and doesn’t have a license.

Is Migas Investment an Investment Company?

No, it is a HYIP.

Does Migas Investment Provide Any Guarantees?

No, it doesn’t provide any guarantees.

Teodora Jolana
Teodora Jolana
Investment Advisor

Teodora lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She constantly monitors the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies and innovative investment projects. Read her articles to stay informed!

Teodora lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She constantly monitors the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies and innovative investment projects. Read her articles to stay informed!

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Client Reviews

  1. Tristan

    It's all fake here

    I don’t trust Migas Investment with my money. The managers of this company promise too much, and regarding profit, it turns out that there are no guarantees here. Their documents are fakes at all.

  2. Dan

    Bad choice for investment

    Stay away from Migas Investment. I didn’t invest money here myself, but my friend likes to earn in HYIPs. As a result, he lost both profit and deposit with this scam.

  3. Mike

    It’s a worthy HYIP

    Migas Investment allows me to withdraw money for the second month. It is clear that nothing is eternal, but if there is a craving for risk — this is a suitable project.

  4. Nile

    Scammers fooled me

    It was my first experience on such a high-risk project. It didn’t end with luck. I can’t withdraw either profit or deposit, and the support just ignores me. Stay away from Migas Investment.