Nublu Investments Limited Review: Is It a SCAM?

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Nublu Investments Limited can find a dozen reasons why you should choose it. However, we can provide you with much more compelling reasons not to choose this scam. Read our review if you want to uncover the truth.

Nublu Investments Limited General Information

Phone Number +442081574566
Address 155-157, Minories, London, EC3N 1LJ
Minimum Deposit £100
Assets CFDs
Trading Platform WebTrader

Registration and Client Portal Review

Upon the initial visit to the Nublu Investments Limited website, we are greeted by a slick presentation. A stylish suit takes center stage, seemingly demonstrating the trading magic that defies the norms of everyday life. Behind the scenes, a person orchestrates this spectacle. Engrossed in describing this animation, we temporarily drift away from the actual content of the site. Ironically, the design of this platform seems to purposefully capture our attention with visual allure, diverting it from crucial elements such as missing vital documents, legal information, and other essential details.

Nublu Investments Limited - website

In addition, we must note that we inadvertently omitted to mention that the website is only available in English and Russian languages — a rather peculiar choice, considering the potential global audience of Nublu Investments Limited. This unusual selection adds another layer of intrigue to the overall experience.

Contrary to initial impressions, registration on this website is remarkably straightforward. You merely need to fill out a brief questionnaire and provide some personal information. Surprisingly, Nublu Investments Limited does not verify your data and refrains from sending any verification codes to your email or phone number.


The Client Portal provided by Nublu Investments Limited seems to be lacking in various aspects. It fails to deliver a comprehensive and user-friendly experience. The portal’s functionality is limited. Users might find themselves missing essential features and tools that could significantly enhance their trading and investment experience. Overall, it appears to be somewhat underwhelming and doesn’t quite meet the expectations of a sophisticated trading platform.

Nublu Investments Limited - Client Portal

Nublu Investments Limited Trading Conditions

One of the reasons you might consider choosing this broker is that Nublu Investments Limited does provide information about its trading conditions. Let’s take a closer look at what it has to offer in this regard.

Account Types Review

To add a touch of amusement to the otherwise mundane praises directed at Nublu Investments Limited, they’ve decided to sprinkle in some entertainment by showcasing the deposit sizes for various account types. For instance, to jump into the action with a “Commodity” account, you must wield precisely £5,011, while the “Stocks” account demands a princely sum of £16,594. It raises a curious question — what if you happen to possess more than that? Is trading suddenly off the table? We’re genuinely intrigued by the mystical methodology behind the calculations that Nublu Investments Limited made. And here’s the kicker: does it even matter, given that the broker operates in the realm of B-book models, keeping your trades within its four walls?

However, let’s not miss the Forex/Crypto account, in which Nublu Investments Limited tantalizingly grants you an expert’s presence for an entire five days. Oh, and daily news! And if by some miraculous alignment of stars, you amass £5,711, you’ll be ushered into the elite circle, treated to trading contracts, webinars, and commissions with a dash of “reduction.”

Then we stumble upon the “Saving” account, as if the other accounts lacked the virtue of security. Are we to assume that funds deposited elsewhere risk being teleported to some alternate dimension? Quite the puzzle. Curiously, Nublu Investments Limited conveniently omits information on spread sizes and leverage specifications.

Trading Platform

Exploring Nublu Investments Limited’s trading platform, we encountered a landscape that seemed more modest in its functionalities. While the interface was straightforward, there was a distinct lack of advanced features that traders often seek in a comprehensive trading environment.


The platform felt somewhat stripped down, akin to a smartphone with only basic applications. It provided the essentials for executing trades, but when it came to in-depth market analysis, research tools, and advanced order types, the platform seemed to fall short.

Nublu Investments Limited — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

Nublu Investments Limited offers bank cards, the SEPA system, and even cryptocurrencies to deposit. However, this is only at first glance. In fact, when we got to the Client Portal, we found out that the situation was completely different. When we tried to fund the account, we were asked to fill out an application and said “thank you”. Apparently, it is implied that the manager will contact us in the future and will advise us on what methods of deposit are actually available.


Well, at least in one regard, Nublu Investments Limited remains standard. It requires customers to pass verification. You can go through this procedure directly in your personal account. As always, you will need to upload copies of your identity documents. To confirm the address, you will also need copies of documents such as utility bills or a bank statement. Remember that at any time the broker can request documents at its discretion. Well, it also does not tell you how long it will actually take to check your data. So be patient and do not rush to make financial transactions until you are sure that you have been given the green light.

Additional Options

The broker’s additional options put us in a bit of a stupor. Just imagine, in the Stock account you are informed that Nublu Investments Limited provides access to IPO allocation. We go into the Client Portal and see that there is nothing in the present. How do we get access to this function if it is simply not provided? And the same situation is happening literally with all the additional options on their website. Well, they came up with ridiculous minimum deposits, attractive additional services, but what is all this for if we can’t use them? Honestly, brokers who are so keen on marketing have already tired us.

By the way, you can participate in the affiliate program. At least, it seems to be here. Even the referral code is asked when registering. At the same time, the amount of rewards is also not described, and to find out, you will have to contact the Nublu Investments Limited managers. Seriously, we have a feeling that it is impossible to take a step on the platform without these managers.

Is Nublu Investments Limited a Scam?

Of course, it’s a scam. However, in order not to be unfounded, as promised, we will give you several reasons for our dislike of this broker.

So, we start perhaps with the most important thing that every broker should have. Yes. We are now talking about a license. Nublu Investments Limited claims to be officially registered in the UK. In this case, an entry about this legal entity should be in the registry. Let’s not beat around the bush, it really is there. Trying to put it mildly, we can say that all this is nonsense and has nothing to do with the hero of our review.

We’ll explain in more detail. You see, Nublu Investments Limited is a real company operating in the UK. It is engaged in financial intermediation. Or rather, it was engaged until 2022. It has been inactive for several months now. If it was a broker, it would have had a license from the FCA. Fortunately for us, there are no records about this company in the registry. You are simply being led by the nose, posing as a real legitimate player. Don’t get upset. Scammers have used this scheme thousands of times on thousands of customers. So it’s good that you are reading this review. We hope we have saved you from rash decisions.

Legal data check Domain Info

Another proof of the false nature of the broker is the terms of its operation. The original company, Nublu Investments Limited, was incorporated in 2013. Meanwhile, the site of this scam appeared only in 2023, just a couple of months ago. It’s not surprising that there are just a scanty number of reviews about it so far.

Domain info

Contacts Review

You can contact Nublu Investments Limited by phone number, email address, or try to go to the office. However, we would not recommend you do this. The maximum that you will meet at this address is a couple more scam brokers from the same series. For example, Omega Financial LTD, about which we will also write an expose very soon. We are trying to convey that the address is fake, as well as the broker. So don’t count on support’s help in difficult matters.

More Details

Last of all, we would like to add that Nublu Investments Limited mentions in three places in its client agreement that it is not responsible for the money you have lost. In other words, you have understood for sure that you should not rely on the forecasts of their analysts. Well, in general, the document does not carry any more information on this miserable one page.

Pros and Cons

  • Maybe an animated trader on the main page of the site.
  • Fake legal data.
  • There is not a single license to work.
  • A short period of existence.
  • Strange choice of languages.
  • Poor trading platform.
  • Ridiculous deposit requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does Nublu Investments Limited Offer?

The broker offers CFD trading and many other additional functions. However, they are actually non-existent.

How Much Money Should I Invest With Nublu Investments Limited?

Well, you can start with just 100 pounds. And for the next account, you have to find 5711 pounds. Yes, the broker has such strange fantasies.

Is Nublu Investments Limited Safe?

No, we’ll repeat it again. Nublu Investments Limited is a scam that pretends to be a real working firm. You shouldn’t transfer money here because you will never see them again.

Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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Client Reviews

  1. Debbie Little


    I don’t know about you, dear fellow traders, but I simply have no desire to contact such an incomprehensible, little-known broker as Nublu Investments Limited. I didn’t really find any mention of this company on the Internet. So, its popularity is at a low level. I didn’t find anything about the license either. Depositing funds to the brokerage account of an illegal company is the same as throwing cash out the window. Someone will pick them up and get them, yes. And in this case, this someone is these anonymous scammers who created Nublu Investments Limited fake resources. By the way, about anonymity. No wonder these crooks hide their names, do not provide any legal data, do not provide social networks, and so on. I am sure that money is accepted here either only for cryptocurrency, or for fake bank accounts bought from unsuspecting people. So it is impossible to reach the real beneficiaries of this scam.

  2. Vanessa Carroll

    Withdrawal of funds does not work.

    It is impossible to trade with Nublu Investments Limited, because it is unreliable and dangerous here. Dangerous for your deposit. I’ve heard about cases when the broker completely ignores clients and at the same time does not allow them to withdraw funds from the platform. Ignoring, cheating, and refusing to withdraw is a normal situation when trading through a fake company. Therefore, be careful, always choose a well-known, legal intermediary company that does not ignore its users, and always safely and stably withdraws money.

  3. Bishop

    Nublu Investments Limited is a fraudulent company.

    Try typing their address into the search engine. You will find out that in addition to Nublu Investments Limited, there really is also Omega. Even more, there will be a dozen names of forex scams in the search results, which in the past stole money and pretended to be reliable firms. It is unlikely that a broker with such contact details can be considered safe.