Savoy Investment Group Review: An Exciting Journey or a SCAM?

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Get ready for an exciting journey alongside the prestigious Savoy Investment Group. Our aim is to deliver an impartial and candid review, empowering our esteemed readers to make well-informed decisions.

Savoy Investment Group General Information

Phone Number +442045874414
Address Tower 42, 25 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1HN, United Kingdom
Minimum Deposit $250
Assets Forex, CFDs, Stocks, Indices, etc.
Leverage Not indicated
Trading Platform WebTrader

Registration and Client Portal Review

The official website of the broker exudes a delightful and positive vibe from the moment you land on its page. The carefully chosen color scheme creates an inviting atmosphere, with soothing hues that instantly captivate visitors. The design is elegantly simple and uncluttered, allowing users to navigate effortlessly through the pages.

Savoy Investment Group official website

The website boasts a user-friendly interface, ensuring seamless exploration of various sections. Whether you are a seasoned trader or a newcomer, finding the necessary information becomes a breeze. Abundant legal and contact details are readily available, instilling a sense of trust and transparency. This commitment to providing comprehensive information showcases the broker’s dedication to maintaining an open and honest relationship with its clients.

register an account

Enrolling with this broker is a seamless and uncomplicated procedure. Registration entails filling out a user-friendly form with essential details like your name, email address, and contact information. Once the form is completed, you can promptly submit it for swift review.

Client Portal

The Client Portal offered by Savoy Investment Group is an exceptional platform designed to meet all your trading needs with utmost efficiency and ease. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, allowing you to access all the necessary functions effortlessly.

Within the portal, you’ll find a comprehensive set of tools and features that cater to both novice and experienced traders.

Savoy Investment Group Trading Conditions

Let’s explore the array of account types offered by Savoy Investment Group, revealing the exceptional and diverse choices they provide for traders.

Account Types Review

The broker stands out with its carefully curated selection of four distinctive account options, showcasing their commitment to tailoring solutions to match individual needs and preferences. These accounts set themselves apart through varying additional options and minimum deposit requirements, granting traders the freedom to select the perfect fit for their unique trading style.

For newcomers or those embarking on their trading journey with smaller deposits of $250 or more, the Standard. The next, Professional plan welcomes more experienced traders with open arms. Recognizing the importance of guidance and support during the early stages of trading, they include a dedicated personal account manager, offering valuable insights to help these traders flourish.

As traders advance and gain valuable experience, the Business plan awaits their arrival. Catered to seasoned individuals willing to invest a minimum of $30,000, this plan brings a sense of empowerment with increased bonuses of up to 30%. It’s an embodiment of Savoy Investment Group’s dedication to evolving with their clients’ needs, providing ample opportunities for success.

For those in pursuit of an extraordinary trading experience, the prestigious Business Plus plan stands as a symbol of excellence. With a substantial minimum deposit requirement of $100,000, this plan caters to professional traders who demand the utmost in services. Emphasizing that true excellence encompasses a holistic approach, Savoy Investment Group offers an encompassing package to meet the discerning expectations of their esteemed clientele.

Trading Platform

The broker takes immense pride in elevating the trading experience beyond the ordinary. Their dedication to providing an exceptional platform is evident, reflecting their unwavering commitment to serving their clients with excellence.

The platform is meticulously crafted by the talented team and stands as a testament to their innovative spirit and emphasis on user-friendly design. Whether you’re a trader on the go, preferring to execute trades from your mobile device, or you enjoy the comfort of desktop trading, Savoy Investment Group has thoughtfully catered to your convenience. With seamless accessibility and intuitive navigation, they ensure that every trader can effortlessly harness the power of their platform and seize lucrative opportunities with ease.

Savoy Investment Group — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

At Savoy Investment Group, clients are presented with a diverse array of secure and reliable options for both depositing and withdrawing funds. This broker understands the significance of financial transactions and ensures a seamless experience for their valued customers.

When it comes to funding your trading account, you can choose from an assortment of convenient methods, including debit and credit cards, traditional bank transfers, and various electronic payment systems. Savoy Investment Group values your financial privacy, and for those seeking additional discretion, they offer the flexibility to conduct transactions using cryptocurrency wallets.


Savoy Investment Group prioritizes the security and safety of its clients’ accounts and transactions. Therefore, they require all clients to undergo a verification process as part of their commitment to regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering measures.

Clients must submit a valid government-issued identification document, such as a passport, driver’s license, or national ID card. To verify the client’s address, they need to submit a recent utility bill, bank statement, or any official document that displays their name and current address.

Additional Options

Savoy Investment Group takes pride in offering a wide range of additional services to its valued clients. As part of their commitment to delivering a personalized trading experience, the broker provides the following exclusive perks.

Savoy Investment Group hosts various VIP events and exclusive gatherings for its esteemed clients. These events offer a unique opportunity to network with fellow traders, industry experts, and financial professionals. The broker ensures that its clients have access to a comprehensive collection of educational resources. From webinars to trading tutorials and market insights, these resources empower traders with valuable knowledge to enhance their trading skills and decision-making capabilities.

Is Savoy Investment Group a Scam?

Rest assured, Savoy Investment Group is a reputable and trustworthy broker, providing exceptional financial services to its clients. With a strong commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, the company has earned a positive reputation in the industry.

Savoy Investment Group operates with full legitimacy and compliance with regulatory requirements. The company boasts offices in numerous countries around the globe, reflecting its global presence and dedication to serving clients worldwide. Moreover, the broker holds all the necessary licenses from reputable regulators, ensuring that it adheres to strict financial standards and practices. Clients can have complete confidence in the broker’s legality and credibility, making it a reliable choice for their investment needs.

Contacts Review

Savoy Investment Group goes above and beyond in catering to its clients from different countries by providing dedicated communication lines. This exceptional service ensures seamless and efficient communication, enabling clients to access support and assistance whenever they need it.

Moreover, the broker’s extensive network of offices across various countries in Europe and around the world is truly remarkable. Having physical offices in multiple locations demonstrates their commitment to global presence and accessibility.

Pros and Cons

  • Wide range of account types.
  • User-friendly platform.
  • Dedicated customer support.
  • Additional services.
  • Various secure payment methods.
  • None.

Savoy Investment Group Summary

Savoy Investment Group - favi

Savoy Investment Group proves to be an exceptional broker that excels in providing a top-notch trading experience. With a well-designed platform, diverse account options, and dedicated customer support, the broker ensures traders have all the tools and assistance they need to succeed in the financial markets.

Website information content 8
Client Portal 8
Trading conditions 9
Trading platform 8
Deposit and withdrawal 10
Verification 8
Extra options 9
Licenses and guarantees 9
Work duration 9
Feedback 10

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does Savoy Investment Group Offer?

Savoy Investment Group offers a wide range of financial services, catering to both novice and experienced traders. The platform provides access to various trading instruments, including major currency pairs, CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

How Much Money Should I Invest With Savoy Investment Group?

The decision on how much to invest here depends on individual trading goals, risk tolerance, and financial capacity. As per the trading conditions, the broker sets a minimum deposit requirement at $250.

Is Savoy Investment Group Safe?

Savoy Investment Group prioritizes the safety and security of its clients’ funds and personal information. The broker adheres to industry best practices and employs advanced encryption technologies to ensure a secure trading environment.

Subhash Mishra
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Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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