Trader Minds Review: Personalized Education for Trading Success or a SCAM?

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Welcome to our in-depth review of Trader Minds, a brokerage firm that promises personalized education for trading success, an award-winning trading platform, and a host of other enticing features. At first glance, it may seem like the ideal package, but as experienced reviewers, we know that relying solely on these marketing claims can often lead to disappointments. Rest assured that we have gathered substantial evidence to support our assertions that this broker is nothing more than a scam.

Trader Minds General Information

Phone Number 442034554958
Address 40 Bank Street, Heron Quay, Canary Wharf, E14 5AB
Minimum Deposit $10,000
Assets CFDs
Leverage 1:500
Trading Platform Unknown

Registration and Client Portal Review

Welcome to the official website of Trader Minds, where the overwhelming sense of déjà vu is enough to induce nausea. True to form, the website is adorned with skyscrapers, smiling traders, and an abundance of charts in the background. It’s a familiar sight that has become all too predictable in the world of online trading.

Trader Minds - website

Navigating through the website, one quickly realizes that essential information about the company is scattered across various sections. It’s as if they intentionally made it difficult for visitors to obtain a comprehensive understanding of their operations. To add to the lack of transparency, the website conveniently offers only two language options: English and German, making it clear which traders they are primarily targeting.

Unfortunately, the website fails to offer any innovative or unique features that would set Trader Minds apart from countless other generic brokers in the industry. It’s a textbook example of a run-of-the-mill trading platform, lacking any distinguishing elements that would make it stand out in the crowd.

Embarking on the registration journey with Trader Minds is nothing short of a baffling experience. First and foremost, upon landing on the homepage, there is a glaring absence of a registration form, leaving only an authorization option in sight. Can you believe that we actually had to hunt down the registration form? And where did we find it, you ask? In the live chat widget! Yes, apparently the logical place to locate the registration form is within a live chat feature. Clearly, their approach to user experience is far from obvious.


However, the broker’s issues extend beyond mere logic, as transparency appears to be another area of concern. Even if you manage to locate the registration form, gaining access to the client portal is another hurdle you’ll face. Why? Well, because this registration form demands the entry of a promo code, which you, like us, most likely do not possess. How and where can you obtain this elusive code? Well, you’ll have to reach out to their support team and inquire. While you’re at it, you might as well inform them that reputable brokers with nothing to hide don’t restrict registration with obscure promo codes, let alone embed the registration form within a chat widget.

Trader Minds Trading Conditions

It is time to delve into the trading conditions offered by Trader Minds and see if there are any surprises in store. As expected, there are a couple of notable points worth mentioning.

Account Types

First and foremost, the absence of a demo account is quite perplexing. A demo account is a valuable tool for traders, especially those who are new to the market. It allows them to practice trading strategies, familiarize themselves with the platform, and gain confidence without risking real money. Without this feature, Trader Minds seems to overlook the importance of providing a risk-free learning environment for their clients.

Additionally, Trader Minds sets a minimum deposit requirement of $10,000 to start trading. Well, the interesting thing is that while the description of the starter account states a $10,000 minimum deposit amount, in the FAQ section, it mentions that you can start with as little as $300. However, the broker does not recommend such a small amount. They suggest starting with $5,000 or even $10,000. It makes us wonder why they don’t just recommend $100,000 right away. While some experienced traders may find this amount manageable, it can be quite prohibitive for individuals with limited financial resources or those who prefer to start with smaller investments. This high entry barrier raises questions about the broker’s accessibility and inclusivity.

When it comes to trading-related details, Trader Minds falls short in providing comprehensive information. While they mention additional services like basic education, platform introduction, and a personal manager, they fail to disclose crucial specifics about spreads and leverage. These factors significantly impact trading costs and risk management, and the lack of transparency in this regard raises concerns about the clarity and fairness of Trader Minds’ trading conditions.

Furthermore, Trader Minds emphasizes the benefits associated with higher deposit amounts, such as trading signals for the Premium account and risk-free trades for the Platinum account. While this may seem enticing, it is important to consider whether these perks truly justify the increased financial commitment and if they align with individual trading strategies and goals.

Overall, the trading conditions offered by Trader Minds raise questions about their suitability for a wide range of traders and their commitment to transparency and inclusivity.

Trading Platform

Trader Minds claims to have had experience with popular trading platforms like MT4 and MT5, but eventually decided to develop their own proprietary software. The implication is that their in-house platform is innovative and has been recognized with awards. However, here lies the problem: while MT4 and MT5 remain the most renowned trading platforms in the industry, Trader Minds’ platform is virtually unheard of.

Furthermore, it is evident that Trader Minds’ platform is primarily a web-based trader. This becomes apparent when exploring their platform section, where no links or options are provided for downloading a dedicated application or desktop version.

Trader Minds — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

Trader Minds’ approach to deposits raises eyebrows. They require potential clients to contact them via phone. So, this means that individuals interested in funding their accounts must go through the inconvenience of initiating a phone conversation with the broker’s representatives to obtain the necessary information and instructions for depositing funds.

It is indeed puzzling why Trader Minds would require customers to go through a mandatory phone call, especially when they openly state on their website that deposit methods include bank cards and bank transfers. It raises questions about the purpose of hiding the necessary information and imposing additional steps on clients. Such practices undermine transparency and convenience, making one question the true intentions and credibility of the broker.


Trader Minds has implemented a mandatory verification process for their clients, a standard procedure found in the industry. Although we haven’t personally experienced this process, it is likely to follow the common practices used by reputable brokers. The purpose of the verification process is to ensure the authenticity of traders’ identities and establish legitimate trading accounts.

During the verification process, traders are typically required to provide personal information, such as their full name, date of birth, and address. They may also be asked to submit scanned copies or photos of identification documents, such as a passport or driver’s license, to verify their identity.

Additional Options

It is worth exercising caution and skepticism when considering Trader Minds’ claim of risk-free trades. Trading in financial markets inherently involves risk, and the promise of completely risk-free trades is unrealistic and misleading. Such guarantees are often used as manipulative tactics to entice unsuspecting traders into depositing funds without fully understanding the potential risks involved.

Furthermore, the offer of consultations with anonymous analysts raises concerns about transparency and accountability. Without clear information about the identity and qualifications of these analysts, traders are left in the dark regarding the expertise and credibility of the individuals providing the consultations. In addition, the requirement of a promotional code suggests that Trader Minds may have a partnership or affiliate program in place.

Besides, Trader Minds offers a tempting proposition of a 100% deposit bonus to attract traders. While it may sound enticing, it’s important to approach such bonus offers with caution and consider the potential implications. It’s worth noting that this type of bonus promotion is actually prohibited by reputable European regulators, and for good reason.

Is Trader Minds a Scam?

In this entire story, the legitimacy of the broker remains the aspect that needs to be verified. We have doubts that this particular aspect will turn out well for Trader Minds.

First and foremost, we are interested in the country where the broker’s management company is registered. The contact information provided indicates a British address. However, considering that the minimum deposit is in dollars, we are skeptical that the company has provided its legal address. Furthermore, in the user agreement, it is stated that any disputes with clients will be resolved under the jurisdiction of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, even this claim raises doubts. We have checked the registry of this offshore jurisdiction and found no records of Trader Minds. Naturally, our review subject does not possess any licenses for brokerage services either. Domain Info

Trader Minds claims to possess extensive industry experience and boasts of serving traders for several years. Unfortunately, we regret to inform those who believed in this claim that it is far from accurate. According to the domain registration information provided by Whois, the website’s domain was registered on May 29, 2023. In other words, the broker has not even been in operation for six months. This clearly indicates that Trader Minds is a newly established entity and is not worth investing one’s time and resources into.

Domain info

Contacts Review

Trader Minds provides traders with limited contact options, primarily offering only a phone number for communication. Additionally, they have a contact form available for those who prefer online communication. However, it is worth noting that the contact address listed on the website is highly likely to be misleading or fake. Upon investigation, there is no evidence of an office for Trader Minds at the stated address on any maps or official records.

More Details

Finally, the most significant red flag for us is that Trader Minds is just another addition to a series of scams. This is not our first encounter with this project, and their exclusive registration process using promo codes has become tiresome. For instance, you can compare their previous creations. Just a few reviews below on our main page, you’ll find Dukasbance. It’s clear that Trader Minds follows the same pattern, luring unsuspecting traders into their web of deception.

Pros and Cons

  • None.
  • High minimum deposit.
  • Dubious additional services.
  • Fake legal data.
  • No official registration.
  • Lack of licenses.
  • Negative reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does Trader Minds Offer?

Trader Minds claims to offer a range of trading instruments, and additional services such as market analysis and account management.

How Much Money Should I Invest With Trader Minds?

The minimum deposit required by Trader Minds may vary depending on the account type and trading conditions and starts at $10,000.

Is Trader Minds Safe?

The safety and reliability of Trader Minds as a broker are questionable due to various factors discussed in our review. The lack of regulatory oversight, limited transparency, and concerns about the legitimacy of the company raise doubts about the level of safety and security they can provide to their clients.

Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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Client Reviews

  1. Kristen Rodriguez

    I can only dream of getting it back...

    I also fell victim to this scam company… It’s frustrating because I invested a whopping $50,000. I did everything through cryptocurrency, using Binance. And I secretly took the money without my husband knowing. Now, all I can do is dream of getting at least a portion of those funds back…

  2. Donald

    Withdrawal doesn't work.

    There are plenty of comments and reviews online that clearly expose this brokerage as a fake and a scam. However, when I decided to invest $10,000 here to test their platform’s functionality, there were very few reviews available.
    Unfortunately, I can’t get my money back. Trading here is also impossible, and it’s pointless even if I make some profits because I won’t be able to withdraw them anyway.

  3. Larry

    I'll share my sad experience as well.

    Have you ever experienced those feelings when you have money, but it’s not in your wallet or bank account, but rather locked in a broker’s account, and you can’t withdraw it? Well, I have.
    Thanks to Trader Minds, I fell for their scam and lost $50,000. It’s frustrating to realize that I fell for such an obvious fraud. I was naive, believing in their fairy tales about being a safe brokerage that had been operating for years. They lured me in with their attractive conditions and convinced me to invest my money. I tried trading, but it didn’t work out. Now, I want to withdraw my funds, but these dishonest people won’t release them.
    I’m sharing my experience with others to warn them about this danger. Don’t trust everything you come across on the internet. I can’t sleep at night anymore. I worked hard for years to accumulate those $50,000, thinking that trading would save me, but it only brought me down. I fell into a fraudulent trap. It’s just terrible. Stay away, don’t get involved.

  4. Gary is a scam please stay away I’ve lost significant amount of money with them and now they’ve vanished into thin air