VoltCoins Review: Makes Cryptocurrency Purchases Simple or SCAM?

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VoltCoins claims to make cryptocurrency purchases simple. However, we approach such statements with skepticism because, let’s face it, there’s already a myriad of options available that make the process incredibly straightforward. In an industry rife with scams and unreliable platforms, we always tread cautiously when evaluating projects like this one. Today, we’ll examine user reviews to determine whether it lives up to its promises or falls into the same category as countless others.

VoltCoins General Information

Website https://www.voltcoins.com/
Phone Number
  • +44 8082 734735
  • +1 888 7102562
  • +370 525 96883
Email support@voltcoins.com
Address Naugarduko st. 3-401, Vilnius, 03231, Lithuania
Minimum Deposit
Assets Crypto
Trading Platform

Registration and Client Portal Review

VoltCoins’ website exhibits a common pattern observed among numerous platforms in the cryptocurrency exchange realm. It follows a minimalist design approach, devoid of any noteworthy visual elements or captivating features. The overall appearance fails to leave a lasting impression and lacks the creativity that could set it apart from its competitors. The utilization of a rocket image on the homepage, while a common motif in the industry, does little to enhance the site’s overall appeal or make it stand out. In essence, the website can be described as a typical and standard representation, lacking any distinguishing characteristics or elements of innovation.

VoltCoins - website

The registration process is also the most standard in the world. You will only need to enter an email address and come up with a password. After that, it is assumed that the email will receive a letter from the exchange with a verification code.


Once you enter the four-digit confirmation code, you gain access to VoltCoins’ user dashboard, commonly called the personal account area. However, upon exploration, it becomes apparent that the features available within the account are rather underwhelming. In fact, there is nothing particularly noteworthy or exclusive that cannot be accomplished on the main website without the need for registration. The only distinguishing factor is the ability to view a list of orders and make adjustments to account settings. Other than that, the Client Portal area fails to provide any substantial advantages or unique functionalities to users.

VoltCoins - Client Portal

Trading Conditions

Describing the trading conditions can be summarized as a rather straightforward task, primarily due to the limited range of services offered by the company.

Account Types Review

On the VoltCoins platform, you are essentially able to purchase cryptocurrencies. This can be done directly using fiat money from a credit or debit card. The available fiat currencies include USD, EUR, GBP, and CAD. Similarly, BTC, ETH, LTC, and USDT are available for trading. Additionally, bank transfers are accepted as a means to deposit funds. However, it is important to note that besides blockchain fees, transaction fees will be charged for executing trades. These fees contribute to the profit-making of the exchange, and unfortunately, they are noticeably high.

In essence, the services provided by this company revolve solely around these offerings, without any significant additional features or functionalities.

Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

As we have previously mentioned, VoltCoins accepts Visa and MasterCard for card payments, in addition to bank transfers, which are relatively self-explanatory. Once the funds have been credited to your account, the exchange promises to deposit the purchased cryptocurrency into your wallets.


In the Client Portal, you may have noticed a verification tab where you can undergo this process. At the first level, creating an account is sufficient. However, to have unrestricted access to cryptocurrency purchases, you need to complete the second level as well. This involves providing personal information and submitting a government ID photo to the support team. There is also a third level of verification, although the specific benefits it offers are not entirely clear. To pass this level, you should provide proof of address.

Additional Options

VoltCoins offers a partner program as one of its additional services. To have the opportunity to earn through this program, you need to register, undergo verification, and invite referrals. They promise unrestricted payouts, but unfortunately, the specific payout amounts are not described in this section.

Is VoltCoins a Scam?

To be honest, we can’t imagine why anyone would consider purchasing cryptocurrency from a relatively unknown website using their credit card. However, let’s explore whether there are any reasons not to worry if you happen to make a transfer there.

Regulation of cryptocurrency operations in Lithuania is relatively straightforward. A company can obtain a license as an exchange or as a cryptocurrency wallet provider. In the former case, they are permitted to facilitate fiat-to-crypto exchanges, while in the latter case, only crypto-to-crypto transactions are allowed. In this case, it falls under the category of a cryptocurrency wallet provider.

The company Clearcest İnç UAB is indeed registered in Lithuania and appears to fulfill the regulator’s requirements, including the minimum capital requirement. However, the registry does not specify under which trade name Clearcest operates or whether it has a direct connection with VoltCoins. Nevertheless, we remain hopeful that such a connection exists.

On the downside, it is worth noting that the project currently has only two employees. This suggests that it may still be in its early stages of development and growth.

Voltcoins.com Domain Info

The fact that the firm has been operating for a relatively short period since its launch at the end of 2022 is not particularly reassuring. A short operating history for an exchange can raise concerns for several reasons. First, it may indicate a lack of established reputation and track record in handling customer funds and transactions. Second, the cryptocurrency industry is highly dynamic and constantly evolving, with new challenges and risks emerging frequently. A newly established exchange may not have had sufficient time to develop robust security measures, implement effective risk management protocols, or establish strong partnerships with banks and other financial institutions.

Domain info

Besides, according to web archive data, the website remained inactive in 2022. It appears that the owners of VoltCoins only started filling it with content in 2023.

Contacts Review

In terms of contact information, VoltCoins provides a relatively comprehensive set of details, which is somewhat unusual for an exchange. They include a phone number and an email address for customer inquiries. While there is no physical office address listed, it is not a regulatory requirement, so its absence, in this case, is not necessarily a cause for concern.

Pros and Cons

  • Legal entity.
  • The short period of operation.
  • Too little cryptocurrencies for exchange.
  • Commissions.
  • No reputation yet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does VoltCoins Offer?

It offers cryptocurrency exchange services, allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and USDT.

How Much Money Should I Invest With VoltCoins?

The minimum deposit amount with this exchange is not specified.

Is VoltCoins Safe?

Its safety as an exchange depends on various factors. While they claim to adhere to regulatory requirements and implement security measures, it is essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence before engaging with any platform. Consider factors such as their reputation, user reviews, security protocols, and regulatory compliance. DYOR.

Teodora Jolana
Teodora Jolana
Investment Advisor

Teodora lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She constantly monitors the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies and innovative investment projects. Read her articles to stay informed!

Teodora lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She constantly monitors the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies and innovative investment projects. Read her articles to stay informed!

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Client Reviews

  1. Anry

    Too small selection

    I didn’t appreciate the variety of fiat currencies available for exchange. Besides, there were a few aspects that left me slightly disappointed. Firstly, customer support was not as responsive as I had hoped. It took a significant amount of time to receive assistance with my queries, which was frustrating. Additionally, the lack of detailed information about the company’s background and its connection to Voltcoins raised some concerns about the platform’s legitimacy.

  2. Mike


    I recently tried using VoltCoins for a cryptocurrency exchange, and my experience was quite average. The platform itself is straightforward to use, and the process of buying and selling cryptocurrencies was relatively smooth. However, I must admit that I didn’t quite understand the appeal of using a relatively unknown platform for crypto transactions. The lack of brand recognition and limited information about the company made me hesitant about fully trusting the platform. While my transactions went through without any issues, I would have appreciated more transparency and background information about the company. Overall, my experience with them was neutral, and I would recommend users to buy small amounts of crypto.

  3. joseph nadeau

    Many people told me not to get into it should have listen to them . Im out 6ooo. so far.

    I m trying to close my account but it is extremely frustrating . Dealing with 2 workers Nicole & Hellen .just when I get close to cash out Hellen calls me & boom I wind up giving them 1800. today .Apparently crypto wentup in value so I have to pay more . I just want to get out of all this scam BS .How can I get out of this mess that I got myself into ?