YellowStoneFX Review: Deserves to Be Trusted or Another SCAM?

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YellowStoneFX offers traders to conquer financial markets together. The broker claims that with it you will significantly increase your income. However, at first glance, there is nothing truthful in these statements. Moreover, the reviews about this company are not the best. Let’s see if it deserves to be trusted, or if it is another scam.

YellowStoneFX General Information

Phone Number
  • +44-2037721028
  • +61-272090914
Address Plaintech LLC, 2333 LLC 2022, Suit 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Minimum Deposit $1,000
Assets CFDs
Leverage Up to 1:300
Trading Platform WebTrader, MT5

Registration and Client Portal Review

YellowStoneFX claims a worldwide presence. However, only English is available on the official website. According to the name, the design here is presented in yellow-black tones. The platform has all the cliches that can be found with such brokers. They tell you about the advantages of YellowStoneFX, but they don’t write much about the company itself. At the same time, they try to convince customers to open an account as soon as possible. Of course, they promise them a lot of profit, and immediately.

YellowStoneFX - website

Opening an account will not take you much time. You need to fill out a small form with personal data. No email verification is required. The broker does not support two-factor authentication. Only the password will protect your credentials.


Meanwhile, the Client Area is not impressive in its functionality. Here you can download the trading terminal or go to its web version. You also have the option to change your profile settings and upload documents. Of course, you can fund your account here, or create a withdrawal request.

YellowStoneFX - Client Portal

YellowStoneFX Trading Conditions

Regarding services, YellowStoneFX is no different from hundreds of other brokers. The company offers CFD trading, but the variety of assets is quite large.

Account Types Review

Like many other brokers, YellowStoneFX divides accounts into types according to the minimum deposit. You can start with an amount of $1,000. Of course, for beginners, this is quite a lot. However, the broker goes even further. It recommends opening a Silver account for inexperienced traders, where the minimum deposit is 5 thousand dollars at once. In general, the types of accounts differ little from each other. In those that are more expensive, you will have to make a huge deposit for ridiculous services. YellowStoneFX promises traders who deposit 100 thousand dollars, some kind of VIP service. However, what exactly is included in this, it does not say.

Leverage for beginners is even more or less acceptable. The broker also gives clients who deposit large amounts much higher leverage, up to 1:300.

Trading Platform

YellowStoneFX is doing badly with the trading platform. If you have deposited less than 5 thousand dollars to your account, only a web trader will be available to you. If you were able to deposit 5 thousand dollars, you will receive MT5. The mobile app will be available to you only if your deposit is 25 thousand dollars.

At the same time, the broker for some reason lies that trading platforms are its development. We hasten to assure you that this is not the case. YellowStoneFX bought this software from other developers. By the way, other licensed brokers easily provide MT5 even on cent accounts. There is no need to deposit as much as 25 thousand dollars for this.

YellowStoneFX — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

The broker accepts all Visa or MasterCard cards. However, before funding the account, you will need to contact the manager personally. Why traders should do this is unclear to us. Usually, it is enough for the client to upload documents and pass verification. However, YellowStoneFX insists on a personal conversation for some reason.


There is no way to upload documents to your personal account. There you will only be able to specify personal data. Color copies or photos of documents can only be sent to YellowStoneFX email. At the same time, the company does not say how long the verification will take. You will need to send a photo of an ID card or passport, a utility bill, and a photo of a bank card on both sides. CVV code needs to be covered.

Additional Options

YellowStoneFX offers education and market analysis. However, don’t count on it too much. Analysts must necessarily have specialization and confirmation of skills. It is a misconception to think that every Tom, Dick and Harry can do this. You should not trust your deposits to strangers whose analytical abilities you are not sure of.

Is YellowStoneFX a Scam?

So far, all the proposals by YellowStoneFX have not impressed us. They look like typical attempts by a pseudo-broker to extort as much money as possible from gullible customers.

Unfortunately, YellowStoneFX has not chosen the best jurisdiction to work in. We read in the documents that the broker’s management company is registered offshore. Moreover, its official location is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Legal entity check

There are only a few such offshore countries, so beloved by scammers. The problem is that their local regulators do not issue licenses to online brokers. A company can only obtain a certificate of incorporation. Further, no one supervises its work. In the case of YellowStoneFX, it’s the same thing. The company has an offshore registration, but no license. That’s why it has such high leverage and other strange trading conditions. Domain Info

The term of work of this broker does not add enthusiasm either. Usually, traders are advised to choose companies that have existed for at least five years. Not many young brokers really want to stay in this field.

Domain info

Yellowstone also appeared not so long ago. We checked the domain and found out that it was registered on June 7, 2022. By the way, the company in the registry of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines also appeared around this time. So, this broker obviously works too little to call itself experienced and claims that only here clients will find the best.

Contacts Review

You can contact YellowStoneFx managers by phone or by email. The broker does not have a real headquarters, so a personal meeting with employees is impossible. Besides, customers complain that they have to wait a very long time for answers from the support.

More Details

We noticed how the broker confidently declares a worldwide presence. However, it has not worked for six months yet. A minuscule number of people visit its site. We don’t understand why the company lies to traders about its successes.

Pros and Cons

  • Several types of accounts.
  • The company is actually registered.
  • Short working time.
  • Offshore registration.
  • The broker does not have a license.
  • Negative reviews.
  • The minimum deposit is too high.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does YellowStoneFX Offer?

With this broker, you can trade CFDs. YellowStoneFX also has additional services such as market analysis or education.

How Much Money Should I Invest With YellowStoneFX?

There is a high minimum deposit on the platform. You will need to fund your account with at least a thousand dollars.

Is YellowStoneFX Safe?

No, it’s an offshore broker. YellowStoneFX has only been working for about six months and hasn’t even received a license.

Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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Client Reviews

  1. Erica

    Terrible company

    I opened an account with YellowStoneFX a month ago. I didn’t know that they worked dishonestly. I deposited $1,500, and I was provided with a personal manager. Then he told me when and what deals to open. By the way, there is no education here. However, it wasn’t bad. We earned $500. Then I decided to withdraw them and didn’t do this. My application was rejected. I wrote in support to find out the reason. I was told that I was violating the company’s rules, so I could not withdraw funds. What rules did I break? I have no idea. I read all the official documents, rules, and agreements again. Everything is there as it was, and it remains. And yesterday I was blocked from accessing my account at all. Now I can’t even log in to my Client Portal!

  2. Liam


    For a short period of work, these scammers managed to deceive a lot of people. Read real reviews on the Internet, not the ones they write for themselves. People complain that they invested all their savings, and could not return a penny.

  3. Thomas

    A very opaque broker

    The design of the official website of this pseudo-broker is awful. This is exactly how some serious and decent brokers will not design their websites. The minimum deposit is $1,000. At the same time, they do not even offer to practice on a demo account. This is a standard trick from scammers. Why should they waste time on those who have not deposited a penny into their pocket? It is better to scam immediately. The fact that there is no license here is clear enough. Which regulator will issue a license to such a fraudster?

  4. Lacie

    I didn't like them right away.

    The YellowStoneFX website immediately screams that this is a scammer. There is no information about the regulation. The online chat is always silent. But after registering, they attacked me and demanded that I deposit more money as soon as possible and start trading. That’s not what honest companies do, is it?

  5. Miles W.

    I'm starting to think this is a scam

    I am having trouble withdrawing funds from my account. I’ve been waiting for 1.5 months. The money has been debited from my account and not credited to the card. There are only excuses from the financial department, such as a request was sent to the payment system and that’s all. What confused me, the withdrawal of funds was successful before. Now I do not advise this broker. And the problem is that there is no contact with them except by email. They don’t answer calls.

  6. Wilson

    Yellowstonefx scam!

    Hey listen to me! I asked for a withdrawal and the account manager told me that it is not possible at the moment and I have to deposit 500$ first. What the hell is this?? Is it fair? This is not a broker, but assholes who do not try to work honestly, but only know how to deceive customers and steal money from them! I’m angry, I’m frustrated, and I just want my money back!

  7. Jared

    Help please

    At first I was pleased with their good performance, then suddenly there was no connection to the server, no answers to many emails, no one answered the phone! Can’t withdraw my money!!

  8. Leonardo

    I am confused

    Hello! Why is YellowStoneFX delaying payments? I ordered a withdrawal on April 14, but it’s already May. I searched for the latest reviews about them and saw that many sites write that payments are not made on time. I want to believe that I will get my money soon, but it’s been a month and I’m starting to get worried.

  9. GP


    Yellowstonefx are scammer stay away. Maggots took my money and wipped my account, I hope they all die a painfull death Benjamin thats you U MOTHA FUKA!!!