Monix Capital Limited Review: A Pretty Big Profit or a SCAM?

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Monix Capital Limited is an investment fund from the UK. The project offers short-term investments for 30 days or more. They promise a pretty big profit. However, some reviews make us think about the feasibility of cooperation. Investors accuse this service of being a scam. So we will check what kind of company this is.

Monix Capital Limited General Information

Phone Number +44 2080 404121
Address 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ
Minimum Deposit 100GBP
Yield 5%-9% Daily
Investment Term 30 or 100 days

Registration and Client Portal Review

The first thing you should pay attention to is the official website of Monix Capital Limited. Just looking at it, you can think of anything, but not that this is the site of a large fund. Why such a strange logo? Where are the necessary legal documents? Why is there practically no information about the company? And this is not the whole list of questions.

Monix Capital Growth - site

Registration on the site is very simple. It is enough to specify your first and last name, email, and password. Also, for some reason, you will need to come up with a Username. A code of letters and numbers will be sent to your email. It should be specified in the following field. Only after that, you will get access to your Personal Area.


The Client Portal is extra minimalistic. There are only three sections in the menu: investments, payments, and the affiliate system. You can quickly top up your account on the main page. It is also possible to view the earnings history and contact support. In general, it should be noted that Monix Capital Limited is very eager to communicate in chat rooms.

Monix Capital Growth - Client Portal

Monix Capital Limited Investment Products

The proposals of this company did not impress us at all. Judge for yourself; there is literally nothing to choose from.

Investment Plans Review

In the personal account, we are met with a description of only two investment plans.

  1. Trading. You need to top up your account with at least 100 pounds. The investment period is 30 days. The profit is 5% per day. There is also a 10% referral bonus.
  2. Premium Long Term. However, the investment period here is also not too long. It is only 100 days. The minimum deposit is 5 thousand pounds. A maximum of 250 thousand pounds can be invested under this plan. The profit is 9 percent per day. The referral bonus is also 10%.

What does Monix Capital Limited earn much money on? You might think that the company is engaged in trading in financial markets but there is no evidence of this. The funniest thing is not even that. If you have visited the “About us” section, you probably were surprised by the variety of services of this company. Monix Capital Limited claims that among its financial services:

  • Mutual Funds and Initial Public Offerings
  • Portfolio Management Services
  • Ethereum Staking
  • Early Stage Tokens
  • Blockchain Fund
  • Bitcoin Fund
  • Venture funds
  • Liquid Tokens
  • Blockchain Staking Pool
  • Commodity Trading.

Seems pretty cool, doesn’t it? And what a disappointment it was when we saw only two investment plans in our personal account. It looks like Monix Capital Limited is an ordinary HYIP and nothing more.

Monix Capital Limited — Deposit and Withdrawal of Funds

What do you think, what ways can you fund your account with this company? A real fund with such a diverse list of services should support many payment methods. We expected to see wire transfers, credit cards, and much more. In fact, it turns out that Monix Capital Limited takes funds only in cryptocurrency. The FAQ section states that money is usually credited to the account within 12 hours. The same applies to the withdrawal of funds. Nothing is known about the commissions.


Verification can be completed in your Client Portal. To do this, you will need to upload a passport or other identity document. Monix Capital Limited may also ask for confirmation of the address. It is unknown how long it will take to check the documents.

Additional Options

The only additional option that Monix Capital Limited has is an affiliate program. It is one-level. At the same time, it absolutely does not matter which investment plan you choose. For each invitee, you will still be charged 10% of the amount of his/her investment.Rewards will be accrued in your Personal Area. You can withdraw them in the same way as the profit from the investment. The company claims that this can be done at any time.

Is Monix Capital Limited a Scam?

We have no doubt that Monix Capital Limited is a typical scam. That can be seen both by the cheap execution of the official website and by the company’s services.Meanwhile, these are not all signs of fraud.

Monix Capital Limited assures that it is registered in England at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London. Really, there is a legal entity with a similar name in the register of England. And even the addresses match. Such a company was established in 2021. However, there is one small problem. The type of firm activity is retail sale via mail order houses or via the Internet.

Registry check

You didn’t think it was really an investment fund, did you? It is obvious that Monix Capital Limited does not have a couple of necessary documents to accept clients’ money. For example, the creators of the project did not say a word about the license. However, this is not surprising. Monix Limited is not authorized in the FCA registry. This project has no right to provide investment services. Domain Info

The UK register states that the company was incorporated on May 14, 2021. Meanwhile, the official Monix Capital Limited website was created much later. It appeared on January 25, 2022. Thus, this project simply pretends to be a real company that is engaged in sales. However, it has nothing to do with investments.

Domain info

Contacts Review

For interaction, Monix Capital Limited provides a phone number and an email address. There is also an office address. However, as we have already found out, it belongs to a real firm, and not to these scammers. It can also be extremely difficult to get through to support managers. They like to solve all problems here via chat. By the way, if you suddenly ask too many uncomfortable questions, you will be ignored.

Pros and Cons

  • A small minimum deposit.
  • No license.
  • Signs of a Ponzi scheme.
  • Quite a short period of work.
  • Fake legend.
  • Negative reviews.



Monix Capital Limited Summary

Monix Capital Growth - favi

In our opinion, Monix Capital Limited is the worst option that can be used for investment. All that the administration of this HYIP had enough creativity for was to come up with two investment plans. This project is working illegally. It is better to stay away from such scammers.

Website information content 2
Client Portal 3
Investment products 2
Deposit and withdrawal 2
Verification 4
Extra options 3
Licenses and guarantees 1
Work duration 2
Feedback 4

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does Monix Capital Limited Offer?

The company offers to receive passive income. You can choose one of the investment plans and earn from 5 to 9% per day.

How Much Money Should I Invest With Monix Capital Limited?

You can choose a “Trading” investment plan. For it, the minimum deposit amount is only 100 pounds.

Is Monix Capital Limited Safe?

No, it’s not. The project is definitely not a hedge fund. Moreover, the company has nothing to do with investments. This is a typical HYIP, the income in which is formed at the expense of new participants. You should not seriously consider such proposals.

Teodora Jolana
Teodora Jolana
Investment Advisor

Teodora lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She constantly monitors the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies and innovative investment projects. Read her articles to stay informed!

Teodora lives in São Paulo, Brazil. She constantly monitors the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies and innovative investment projects. Read her articles to stay informed!

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Client Reviews

  1. Harvey

    It is an unregulated scam

    It is a whole line of scam projects. You can recognize them by the chat. All of them present themselves as investment firms. However, they work as Ponzi schemes with a referral program. Of course, money is not returned to customers.

  2. Eddie

    Monix Capital Limited stealing money

    I fell for the bait of these scammers. I really wanted to receive passive income, but I’m not too well-versed in investments. At first, I deposited only 100 pounds. After 30 days, I took my profit. Then they called me and offered to increase the deposit. I transferred two thousand. I was even promised an increased percentage. After I transferred the money, Monix Capital Limited didn’t answer me anymore.

  3. Jen

    Definitely fraudsters

    Lol. How do these guys invest in an IPO? Two investment plans and payments only in cryptocurrency. Well, well. I see that their domain lease expires in a few days. I wonder if they will work after that? I bet a hundred that Monix Capital Limited will scam you.

  4. Harry

    Looks suspicious

    I haven’t invested the money yet but I can say that Monix Capital Limited is a very persistent company. They’ve called me five times in the last three days. They are trying to find out how much money I am willing to invest. And they insist that I deposit funds ASAP.

  5. Benjamin Varnakeshi

    It’s a well organized scam and I have all the documents and transcripts to prove my claim

    My wife and I both invested in and all our funds have been blocked to pay fee after fee. It’s a very well thought process to show you big profits to collect fee after fee with promise is the this fee is the last and your funds will be released. £20000 in fees we still have no access to our funds.