EverestInvest Review: A Safe Place for Trading or SCAM?

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One should not blindly trust brokerage firms that boldly claim they have been operating for over 25 years and are a safe place for trading, as often this is simply a lie. Welcome to the EverestInvest review. It is dedicated to the illegal activities of a company that only pretends to be a reliable and legal intermediary, while in reality, it is nothing but a scam. Were you looking for an answer to the question of whether the platform can be trusted? You’ve found it, but if you want to know the details, then join.

EverestInvest General Information

Website https://www.everestinvest.net/
Phone Number +44 203 8465471, +61 272568113, etc
Email support@everestinvest.net
Address Lakeside Business Center AG, Gotthardstrasse 26, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
Minimum Deposit $10,000
Assets Forex, stocks, indices, crypto, commodities
Trading Platform WebTrader

Is EverestInvest Broker a Safe Option for Traders?

The first thing I will look at in the review of everestinvest.net is the main signs of an illegal and fraudulent broker, followed by the trading conditions and other aspects of the company’s activities. There is plenty to discuss here, and the firm certainly does not look splendid or reliable.

How Transparent Is EverestInvest Broker Regarding Regulations?

To begin, I will examine the company’s headquarters, specifically its address. The contact section includes a widget with Google Maps, showing an address in Switzerland. This implies it is a Swiss organization, but the issue is that such companies must obtain a license from FINMA, which oversees brokerage activities in Swiss jurisdiction. Why is there no mention of a license on the website? Let me check if FINMA is actually aware of the existence of such a platform.

EverestInvest - FINMA

As seen in the screenshot above, the search yielded no results. If such a company had a license from FINMA, then it would appear in the search, but it does not. In fact, the lack of regulation at EverestInvest is not surprising, as I suspect that the address provided is fake. And this can be verified.

It is enough to refer to the Central Business Name Index, where all officially registered companies in Switzerland are listed. Here, the search also did not yield positive results, hence the broker is simply not registered in this country.

Business Name Index

Not only does the company lack licenses, making its operations illegal, but it also lies about having a headquarters in Switzerland. It is why fact-checking is important. However, this is far from all that I wanted to tell you.

According to information on the official website, the organization has been in existence for 25 years, but this is just as much a lie as the registration in Switzerland. I cannot view the registration date of the legal entity because there are no legal documents. However, I can look at the date the domain was registered, as well as the date the first reviews appeared online.


So, the official website’s domain was registered in November 2023. Meanwhile, reviews only started appearing in 2024. What does this tell us? It indicates that the platform did not appear before November 2023 and only began operations in 2024, although let’s assume 2023 was the founding date. Does this mean the information about 25 years of experience and various awards received by the company in 2019-2020 is fake? Yes, absolutely.

Furthermore, we can add something about phone numbers, specifically, their country codes. The organization lists numbers from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and Canada. However, there are no offices in any of the listed countries. And the user agreement even mentions that the firm operates under the law of the United Kingdom. Strangely, the legal entity is not found in the Companies House registry, and checking the FCA for a license is pointless, as it is also absent.

All facts or confident statements from the broker’s side should not be taken seriously. The company blatantly lies to users, so it cannot be trusted. This part of the EverestInvest review has come to an end. The conclusion is simple — no license, fake legal address, and false data regarding awards and duration of operation.

Trading Conditions Breakdown: What to Expect?

The trading conditions can also help determine whether a company is fraudulent. Thus, the EverestInvest review includes this section. Several tariff plans are available to clients, differing primarily in the amount of the minimum deposit required. This immediately points to a typical marketing scheme of any pseudo-broker.

Watch closely for the actions of fraudsters. For the first type of account, you need to have $10,000, and for the second, $50,000, with the service offered on the second being better and more diverse than on the first. In this way, the company tries to extract more money from clients by creating an artificial advantage of more expensive tariff plans.

Account types

Furthermore, traders risk a fairly large amount, a minimum of $10,000. Why such a high minimum deposit? Can’t the threshold be at least $100, as is the case with most proven and well-known brokers? It is also quite simply explained — scammers do not want to waste resources and time on clients with $200-$300, they need big checks of $10,000 and up to quickly recoup the creation of their fraudulent site several times over.

Additional services include a trading academy, live webinars, an account manager, and daily analysis, the quality of which is unclear and which can easily harm the trader and hinder their ability to make money. Such services are often offered to clients not to help them make money in the financial markets, but to lead to the loss of their deposits.

What are the sizes of the commissions and spreads? The firm hides them. The leverage is also unknown. Considering the fact that trading is only in CFDs and there is no explanation of the business model, one can make a definite and confident conclusion — this is a dealing desk, so trading here makes no sense because the platform is interested in its clients’ losses. It is the only way for them to make money.

Another conclusion of the everestinvest.net review is that this is a company with a conflict of interest, hiding important trading conditions and requiring huge sums of money to start trading, while not offering a demo account.

Platform Performance

The trading terminal plays a key role, as much depends on its capabilities. However, I cannot describe the platform at EverestInvest as advanced and multifunctional. Firstly, it’s a standard WebTrader without mobile versions, although the website states otherwise. Hyperlinks to the AppStore and PlayMarket are even provided, but they lead to a login page, not to the official stores. I could not find where to download the mobile versions of the terminal.

Secondly, the platform looks too primitive. It incorporates a chart from the well-known trading service TradingView, but it is also limited to only basic features, such as drawing a line on the chart, overlaying an indicator, or Fibonacci. Traders can create a list of favorite assets, use not only market but also pending orders, and view current statistics and open orders.


Clients cannot connect an advisor that would automatically trade according to a set strategy. Moreover, it is not possible to save templates for future use, and there are no advanced tools such as market depth, order book, and open interest.

The broker has been so exaggerated in describing its terminal, it even mentioned the MetaTrader 5 platform. However, there is no MT5, the software was not found, and the company is absent from the list of brokerage firms connected to MetaTrader 5.

Does EverestInvest Provide Educational Tools for Traders?

No additional options are observed on the official website, except for a currency converter, but the description of tariff plans includes webinars, analytics, support from a personal manager, and a training academy. However, there is no clear certainty about the usefulness of these services, as they are not available without an activated tariff plan, and that requires an investment of at least $10,000.

Fraudulent brokers love to offer pseudo-analytics, some signals, and vague training courses that are unlikely to help traders start earning money; on the contrary, they help them lose money in the financial markets. Therefore, it is recommended not to use such “analytics” and “signals”.

Hidden Fees and Charges: What Traders Need to Know?

The firm charges a commission for trades, but the amount is unknown. Only in the description of the tariff plans is it stated that there is zero commission on indices on the second tariff and higher, and even the spreads are zero on the last one. In any case, commissions and spreads remain a secret, which is a serious red flag.

Commissions for deposits and withdrawals are also unknown. Therefore, it is impossible to determine how beneficial it is to cooperate with the company.

User Feedback: Insights from Existing Clients

I tried to find reviews of EverestInvest online. There are not many, which also confirms the young age of the company. However, they are of no use because all of them are positive, consist of 1-3 sentences, and lack evidence. It is not difficult to guess that such reviews were bought or fabricated, so they cannot be trusted.

There are also negative comments, and they convey the following message: the firm does not withdraw money, it is a scam. These reviews seem more truthful, so they can be believed. Any specifics are absent; affected traders simply indicate the impossibility of getting their money back.

How Responsive Is EverestInvest Broker’s Customer Support Team in Resolving Issues?

Several phone options and an email address are provided to users. I checked the email, and it is real. The phone numbers seem to be real too, but I have doubts. Surprisingly, there is no online chat, although it is the most convenient way to quickly contact customer support and resolve issues. A phone call to another country would be expensive for the user, and email is a super slow method of communication.

It is unlikely that one should expect a response from customer support via email. Usually, it is just listed for the show.

Pros and Cons

  • Inadequate minimum deposit requirements.
  • Unclear where the firm is actually registered.
  • Fake operation period and office.
  • Illegal activities.
  • Key terms not disclosed.

EverestInvest Summary

EverestInvest - favi

There is no doubt about the reliability of the firm because it is a guaranteed scam, and this EverestInvest review has provided all the necessary evidence. It is not worth risking your money by trying to trade on an illegal platform that boasts fake data.

Website information content 3
Client Portal 6
Trading conditions 2
Trading platform 2
Deposit and withdrawal 3
Verification 7
Extra options 3
Licenses and guarantees 1
Work duration 1
Feedback 3

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does EverestInvest Offer?

The company acts as a brokerage intermediary, offering its clients the opportunity to trade financial instruments in the form of CFDs on its web platform.

How Much Money Should I Invest With EverestInvest?

The minimum amount required to start is quite high — $10,000. That information is taken from the description of tariff plans on the official website.

Is EverestInvest Safe?

There is no security here. The broker does not even mention having regulation, and legally the firm is not registered in Switzerland. There are no guarantees of reliability.

Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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Client Reviews

  1. Georgy

    Scammers!!! FRAUD!!!

    Do not believe the scammers; they deceive people, they extract deposits from beginners and inexperienced traders who are easy to fool! Please spread the information about the fraudulent company and its fake activities.
    These crooks stole $21,000 from me, can you imagine? I can’t get a single cent back. The withdrawal of funds simply does not work; I do not know what to do. Please help. I want that fraud to be shut down forever, and its founders to end up in prison!

  2. Status29

    The broker doesn't have an advantage

    Far from the best option for trading on the Forex market. I see no particular advantages of this firm over other forex brokers. Reviews of EverestInvest are sometimes positive, but I somewhat weakly believe in them. Here, the minimum deposit is quite high, and I did not see important conditions on the website. Moreover, there is no license. No, perhaps the firm is indeed safe and operates officially, but I think that is not the case. But I could be mistaken, as I have not traded here and have no practical experience. I only advise not to risk, because you will have to risk a large amount of at least $10,000.