Ifexcapital Review: The Most User-Friendly Platform or a SCAM?

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I present to your attention the Ifexcapital review, where you will learn why this company is a scam. You should not rush to open a brokerage account just anywhere because the platform might be illegal and created to steal your money. This applies to the broker I am exposing today.

Ifexcapital General Information

Website https://www.ifexcapital.com/
Phone Number +442070978456
Email support@Ifexcapital.com
  • Grigori Afxentiou 42A, Egkomi, 2407 Nicosia, Cyprus
  • Suite 803, 8th Floor, Hennessy Tower, Pope Hennessy Street, Port Louis, 11328, Mauritius
Minimum Deposit
Assets Forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, stocks, commodities, indices
Leverage 1:500
Trading Platform WebTrader

Is Ifexcapital Broker a Safe Option for Traders?

A quick glance of 1-2 minutes already gave me the impression that the platform looks suspicious and dangerous. However, each aspect needs to be studied thoroughly, which I will do in the next few minutes. The firm requires careful verification, including the facts of its activities, trading conditions, and platform.

How Transparent Is Ifexcapital Broker Regarding Regulations?

I will start my review of ifexcapital.com with the most important points — the firm’s legitimate status, its office addresses, and the duration of the operation. So, two aspects are indicated on the official website:

  1. The platform is a trading name of Zenith Origin Holding Ltd, which is registered in Mauritius and is under the control of the FSCM regulator.
  2. The website is operated by Tranzacta Services Limited, registered in Cyprus. However, there is no mention of a license from CySEC.

Legal entity

I am most interested in the first legal entity, as it likely is the main holding company, so it is necessary to determine whether it holds any licenses that allow it to conduct brokerage activities.

Indeed, Zenith Origin Holding Ltd was officially registered with FSCM and appeared there in 2021. However, I have suspicions that the broker has merely indicated another firm that has no relation to it. Why would one broker use another trading name? At the same time, Zenith has its own website, zenith-markets.com, which was registered in 2021, coinciding with the date the FSCM license was issued.

When was Ifexcapital launched? This information is oddly not specified, but the domain of the official website was registered in 2023 and updated in 2024.


Most likely, the platform fabricated that it is a trading name of Zenith Origin Holding Ltd to make traders think it has a license and is officially registered in Mauritius, but in reality, this is not the case. Where this company is actually registered remains unknown. It is also unlikely to hold any licenses, hence its activities are illegal.

Furthermore, I have also determined the operating period of the organization. It is short, as evidenced by the domain, a screenshot of which you can see above. The firm has been operating for just about a year, which is very little for a brokerage intermediary. I am also 100% sure that Tranzacta Services Limited, also mentioned in the footer, similarly has no relation to the platform I am reviewing, and checking it for registration and licenses is pointless since it merely manages the website.

What conclusion can be drawn from the first part of the Ifexcapital review? The broker hides behind another company that has no relation to it, yet it does not disclose its authentic data, such as operational duration, legal address, and regulation. Likely, the organization is not registered anywhere, which means it inherently cannot possess licenses. And the operation period is just a year, as visible from the date the domain was created.

Trading Conditions Breakdown: What to Expect?

Next, it is necessary to examine the broker’s offers, determine whether they are beneficial or not, and identify potential negative factors and threats to users. To do this, tariff plans must be reviewed.

The broker has developed three main types of accounts (silver, gold, and platinum) and one additional named VIP. Additionally, an Islamic account type is available, which does not have swaps for carrying positions over to the next day. Some conditions are common to all packages:

  • Over 250 assets (CFD).
  • Account currency options include EUR, GBP, USD, AUD, CHF, CAD, and NZD.
  • Technical support is available 24/5.
  • Zero commission.

However, other conditions differ. For example, the maximum leverage is 1:500, but this is only available to those who can afford the VIP package. Moreover, the better the tariff, the more favorable the spreads. By default, they start from 0.065 points, but on gold, they are 20% lower, and on platinum, 30% lower. More expensive packages also offer an additional discount on swaps up to 50%. Owners of platinum and VIP accounts receive free VPS, news alerts, and hedging options from Ifexcapital.

Account types

The leverage offered is very high, and I want to remind you that using borrowed funds not only increases potential profits but also multiplies risks. The company gladly provides high leverage to its clients, increasing the likelihood that they will lose their deposits in volatile financial markets.

The most significant flaw of the company is its business model. Despite claims of employing a No Dealing Desk (NDD) approach, which implies no intervention by a dealing desk in the trading process, I believe this to be false. Just consider the zero commissions and spreads stated to be under 1 point — how can a broker make a profit under such conditions? Either commissions should be high, or spreads should be, but both of these metrics are at zero, which suggests that the firm earns not through brokerage.

Thus, the second important conclusion in the Ifexcapital review is the business model with a conflict of interest. You are facing a typical dealing desk, which is interested in the losses of its clients, otherwise, it cannot make a profit. That’s why there is such high leverage here, which accelerates the process of draining deposits. There is no sense in collaborating with a dealing desk because the success of traders does not generate earnings for the platform.

Platform Performance

The terminal does not require downloading and installation on a computer because it is available in the WebTrader format. The broker highlights the following advantages of its platform:

  • One-click trading.
  • Full types of orders, including stop-losses and take-profits.
  • Multiple chart layout.
  • Easy search among hundreds of assets.
  • 24/7 market updates.

Having seen the terminal with my own eyes, I can confirm that the description of the platform on the website is accurate, but I cannot say that it is advanced and professional software.


Yes, the terminal supports tools for technical analysis, such as Elliott Waves, levels, trends, graphic elements, and Fibonacci. It also features timeframes from 1 minute to 1 month, an economic events calendar, copy-trading, top movers, social feed, and indicators. A demo version is even available to test the functionality.

However, a clear downside is the absence of mobile versions and a separate program for computers. A desktop terminal has more advantages and capabilities than a web version. It is also unclear whether trading advisors for automated trading are available.

Does Ifexcapital Provide Educational Tools for Traders?

It is completely unclear whether there are educational programs and analytical resources for clients. The official website only has educational articles that discuss market classes, but nothing more.

In fact, this is an important aspect, as educational materials and analytics serve as auxiliary tools for both beginners and experienced traders. However, the broker does not offer such things, which can be considered another minus.

Hidden Fees and Charges: What Traders Need to Know?

Commissions for trading operations are zero, but don’t be too quick to celebrate and rush to register an account looking at such “favorable conditions”. I have already mentioned that this indicates a conflict of interest, as a real intermediary cannot have zero commissions and simultaneously very low spreads.

However, it’s important to understand what other charges await clients. The firm asserts that it does not charge fees for depositing or withdrawing funds, but if the withdrawal amount is less than $50, then the user will have to pay a commission of $30.

In short, while there are no commissions, this is more of a negative aspect than a positive one. From this, it’s not hard to guess how the “intermediary” earns money.

User Feedback: Insights from Existing Clients

According to reviews of Ifexcapital, many traders who still agreed to risk their money and funded their accounts here are now having problems withdrawing money. Some describe how they were intentionally drained on the platform, others have been waiting for several days for support to process a withdrawal request, and some comments simply point out the fact of fraud.

How Responsive Is Ifexcapital Broker’s Customer Support Team in Resolving Issues?

The company offers several options for contacting managers:

  • Phone call.
  • Email.
  • Online chat.

However, I think it’s unlikely that company representatives will respond to you. In the online chat, I have still not received a response, even though more than an hour has passed and it is written “Typically replies within 15 minutes”. Moreover, why is the phone number British? Does the firm have an office in the United Kingdom? And then, where is the address?

Pros and Cons

  • You can test the service on a demo account.
  • Affiliate program.
  • Illegal activities.
  • The legal entities mentioned are unlikely to be related to the broker.
  • Business model with a conflict of interest.
  • The firm is not popular among traders.
  • High risk.

Ifexcapital Summary

Ifexcapital - favi

Is it a scam? Definitely, yes. I hope the negative factors and red flags I've mentioned in this Ifexcapital review are enough. In brief, the company has been in operation for a short time, it hasn't established a reputation, it lacks proper regulation, and it misleads users by falsely claiming to operate as an NDD while actually functioning as a dealing desk interested in its clients' losses. I advise against risking your money here. It is unlikely a fund withdrawal is even possible.

Website information content 5
Client Portal 7
Trading conditions 5
Trading platform 5
Deposit and withdrawal 7
Verification 9
Extra options 5
Licenses and guarantees 2
Work duration 2
Feedback 4

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does Ifexcapital Offer?

The company allows its clients to trade CFDs using leverage on a web platform.

How Much Money Should I Invest With Ifexcapital?

The minimum deposit required to start trading is not specified. It is another negative, showing the firm is not fully open and honest with its clients.

Is Ifexcapital Safe?

There are no guarantees of safety for client capital. There is no evidence that the firm is actually the trading name of Zenith Origin Holding. Additionally, serious regulation, a long operation period, a verified reputation, partnerships with other companies, and other signs of a reliable intermediary are missing.

Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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Client Reviews

  1. Triarm

    Just a fraud

    I see nothing good here. Such low spreads and zero commissions look very suspicious. These conditions are only found with fraudulent brokers. If you start trading successfully and making profits here, they will begin to hinder you, for example by “painting quotes”, introducing lags, and other interferences.
    Scam. Just another scam broker operating from an offshore. These are often traps for traders.

  2. BidAsk666

    You're gonna lose money here, so I don't recommend it

    If you don’t want to lose money, I advise you not to invest here. Reviews of Ifexcapital show that there are many problems. You might even find some positive comments, but they are fake. It wouldn’t be hard for scammers to pay a little money for people to write good things and recommend their platform. Don’t believe positive reviews; their authors can’t even provide proof. In fact, it’s simple: short operation time, 100% B-book, no regulation (FCA, BaFin, ASIC, etc.), and lack of renown. These are the key arguments against trading here.

  3. Garry Klim

    They haven't sent the money

    Fraudsters and cheats! I have been unable to retrieve my funds for more than a week. How can this be called anything but a scam? Why must I wait so long for a withdrawal request of $1,000 to be approved? It is not normal! A good and honest brokerage firm would not take so long to process withdrawals. The lack of feedback from representatives of this fraud adds even more distrust and suspicion. They are ignoring me. Can you imagine?
    I really want to believe, it is just a mistake or a bad dream, and my money will be returned to me. But with each passing day, I have less and less hope for a positive outcome. The company is full of scammers, they have cheated me. They have taken my deposit! What can I do? Where can I turn for help to resolve this problem? I’ve fallen into a blatant fake; I want my money back, please help.