TauraGlobal Review: Unlock Hidden Opportunities or be SCAMmed?

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You are here because you were most likely looking for an answer to the question of whether TauraGlobal is a scam or not. And I can answer with great confidence — yes, it is a fraudulent brokerage company. However, I will not just give you an answer, but also fully analyze this company, the terms, and opportunities it offers, as well as the red flags that can be found there. I hope you will enjoy this review.

General Information

Website https://tauraglobal.com/
Phone Number +14169078094
Email support@tauraglobal.com
Address 125 Old Broad St, London EC2N 1AR, United Kingdom
Minimum Deposit $10,000
Assets Stocks, ETFs, bonds, forex, commodities, cryptocurrency, energies, metals
Leverage 1:100
Trading Platform WebTrader

Registration and Client Portal Review

Thanks to the official website, you can learn about more than 15 years of experience, 60 experts working on staff, 421 clients trading daily, and services in 25 or more countries. Additionally, visitors can explore the advantages, trading conditions, contacts, and other information.

The site is in English, but is only additionally translated into German, which makes the fact about operating in 25 countries seem odd, as it supports just two languages. TauraGlobal also warns about risks and provides several documents: privacy policy, terms and conditions, risk disclosure policy, and withdrawal policy.

TauraGlobal - site

Despite these facts, key points are still ignored, such as the business model and license. The headquarters is in the UK, but registration documents are not provided.

TauraGlobal’s website leaves a mixed impression. On one hand, the company has shared some facts and disclosed many trading conditions. On the other hand, it lacks important information, the website is only in two languages, and the graphic design looks boring and generic. The firm has uploaded stock images on the website, although it could have done something unique.

Let’s register an account to see the platform from the inside. To do this, you just need to provide a name, email address, and phone number, and create a password.

I recommend not to rush to leave your real data, but to use fake or disposable ones, as it is unclear into whose hands your phone number and email might fall. Later, you might encounter spam calls from scammers.


Unfortunately, it was not possible to create a personal account in TauraGlobal. After entering the data, a login window appears, requiring the email and password again. However, the system does not allow further access because the data is incorrect. In general, there are some technical problems, and registration is not possible.


No confirmation email for registration arrived in the inbox. At the same time, the password reset also does not work. And how to create an account on tauraglobal.com at all? Why are there such problems, does the company’s management not know about this?

Trading Conditions

The further review of TauraGlobal will include an examination of the trading conditions, as this plays an important role in choosing a company.

Account Types Review

The company has followed a standard path, thus clients have access to various types of accounts, with better tariffs requiring higher minimum deposits. Is it worth mentioning that this approach is most often used by fraudulent firms? Moreover, the better the tariff, the higher the leverage and more additional services:

  1. Standard. Requires a huge initial deposit – $10,000. Clients can use leverage, but no more than 1:10. Also available are daily news, trading school, market review weekly, managed account, and progress report weekly.
  2. Silver. This package has an even higher minimum deposit — at least $25,000. Additionally included are webinars, leverage of 1:25, a 10% swap discount, and a monthly analyst session with a senior accountant.
  3. Gold. From $50,000. Portfolio manager, leverage up to 1:50, and daily portfolio progress report.
  4. Platinum. Leverage up to 1:75, 1 to 1 session with a senior team, personal training courses, signals, deep market analysis, and VIP event attendance. At least $100,000.
  5. Diamond. From $250,000. Maximum leverage of 1:100, and other services on the best terms.

Account types

The trading conditions do not look very good. TauraGlobal requires a substantial amount for the initial deposit, while not even offering a demo account. That means you cannot try the service with virtual money, and must invest at least $10,000. Who came up with such conditions? Are these people in their right minds? But what is there to be surprised about, scammers just want to extract as much money as possible.

Of course, the spreads and commissions are kept a big secret. Also, the swap-free feature and contract specifications are not found. There is no point in talking about a cent tariff and ECN either, as they are also absent.

Trading Platform

The description of the trading terminal is missing; there is no separate section where users could learn about the advantages and capabilities of the platform. Although such a description should exist, at least with popular firms it does. The website only mentions “cutting-edge technology” and the ability to track account history, orders, balances, and positions.

It is unknown whether auto-trading is available, whether settings of charts can be saved as templates, and what tools are available for technical analysis. Moreover, there is no information regarding mobile and desktop versions. They probably do not exist. I doubt that TauraGlobal provides an ultra-advanced platform.

Since creating an account is not possible, I cannot verify how the platform operates and what it looks like with my own eyes. What kind of broker is this that does not disclose what its clients will be trading on?

How to Deposit and Withdrawal?

Another important aspect is the operations of depositing and withdrawing money. Ideally, a firm offers various options, including not only standard credit/debit cards but also electronic wallets and cryptocurrency, and does not charge commissions.

However, TauraGlobal does not disclose any information regarding deposits/withdrawals. It is only known that the processing of withdrawal requests takes up to 5 business days, which is very long. Nowadays, reputable companies process withdrawals much faster, in less than a day. Nobody wants to wait an entire work week.


“To initiate a withdrawal, completion of the verification process is required” — a quote from the withdrawal policy of TauraGlobal. It means that the identity verification procedure is mandatory, although the broker for some reason has not provided an AML&KYC policy.

The exact list of documents is not presented, but the company requires not only identity but also proof of residence to be confirmed. Probably, the KYC procedure here is no different from procedures in other organizations.

However, the very fact of the absence of a KYC policy and a detailed description of the required documents and the time it will take to verify them, undoubtedly only raises suspicious thoughts.

Additional Options

Much of the additional service was described in the account types section. The broker offers traders daily news, education, managed accounts, progress reports, analytics sessions, signals, and others.

In addition, TauraGlobal has developed a special guide aimed at teaching financial literacy, including investing and trading. Also, the site features a table with online cryptocurrency quotes, as well as their market capitalization, total supply, and dynamics.

Nothing more is known about the additional options. Is there an affiliate program? PAMM accounts? Or other opportunities? I don’t know. There is zero information on the website.

Is It a Scam?

The broker absolutely does not resemble a verified and comfortable platform for trading. The huge minimum deposit is prohibitive, and the absence of a demo account is noteworthy. The impossibility of registration also raises serious suspicions, as this is a standard practice among fraudulent firms. And other negative points, which I have outlined in previous paragraphs.

I’ve saved the best for last. Now I will consider the most key negative factors that will put a definitive end to the review of TauraGlobal.

Let’s start with the trump cards. Regulation is an important component of any broker. A firm operating with a license from a serious regulator is primarily a safe and verified organization that has undergone an audit and received permission to operate. However, does this scammer possess any licenses? Unlikely.

According to information from the official website, TauraGlobal is based in the UK. In that case, the broker should have obtained a license from the Financial Conduct Authority, without which its activities would be illegal. However, I do not see such a company in the register of the British financial commission. Do you?

TauraGlobal - FCA

How could it be? And is the address in the UK really genuine? It needs to be checked. If it is a British organization, there should be a record of it in the registry of legal entities, but for some reason, it is not there.

Companies House

Now it is clear why the firm has no license. Such an organization does not exist in principle; it is not legally registered in the UK. Therefore, the office address is fictitious.

Domain Info

The longer a brokerage company has been in the market, the more reliable it is. TauraGlobal has only existed for a few months. I found this out through the domain of the official website, which was registered in February 2024.


A few months is hardly considered a substantial and serious term. Moreover, on the homepage, the scammers boldly claim 15 years of operational history, which is a blatant lie. Who would believe such a thing? Where do the 15 years come from if the site only appeared this year, and there are very few reviews and mentions online?

Contacts Review

If you want to write complaints to these fraudsters, I have bad news for you. The provided email is fake, so there is no point in trying to contact the organization’s representatives through it. There is also a phone number listed, but it is not British, rather Canadian or American, as the +1 code belongs to Canada/USA.

Fake email

TauraGlobal does not have social media accounts, apparently not wanting to spend resources on this matter. There is also no online chat, although it is the most convenient and fastest way to contact tech support.

More Details

There are almost no mentions of the company on the internet, which further confirms its young age. It is also important to add information about the client order execution model. The fact is that TauraGlobal is a dealing center that processes client orders within the platform, rather than routing them to liquidity providers. This means that the firm earns money not through commissions, as it should be, but at the expense of its clients. Traders lose money — the platform earns.

In the website footer under “Quicklinks”, you can see links for downloading Anydesk/Teamviewer software. It is software for connecting to a remote desktop. It is likely that the broker uses an old fraudulent scheme in which managers remotely connect to a client’s platform and then drain their deposit. Under no circumstances should you give access to your computer. No matter what the firm’s employees promise, it is not advisable to do so.

Pros and Cons

  • The site has been translated into German.
  • The contact details and office address turned out to be fake.
  • No license has been obtained.
  • The actual duration of the operation is not 15 years, but just a few months.
  • There are few reviews on the internet.
  • Inadequate trading conditions.
  • Huge risk.
  • Problems with account registration.

TauraGlobal Summary

TauraGlobal - favi

The number of arguments suggesting that the company is fraudulent is overwhelming. Trading conditions are hidden, so it is impossible to determine whether they are favorable or not. It makes no sense, as such an organization does not exist in a legal sense. It cannot have a license because its legal address in the UK is fake.

Website information content 2
Client Portal 1
Trading conditions 2
Trading platform 1
Deposit and withdrawal 1
Verification 2
Extra options 6
Licenses and guarantees 1
Work duration 1
Feedback 1

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Does TauraGlobal Offer?

The company’s main service is brokerage. In addition, other additional options are offered to the client.

How Much Money Should I Invest With TauraGlobal?

To start trading here, a substantial amount is required, at least $10,000. It is worth noting that this is not our recommendation or fiction, but information taken from the official website in the “account types” section.

Is TauraGlobal Safe?

The broker has no reliability guarantees, lacks regulation, and all the facts, including contacts and address, are fake. All this indicates a 100% risk, meaning the platform is absolutely unsafe.

Subhash Mishra
Forex & CFD Trader

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

Subhash is a Bengali who has been trading for 16 years. You will find the most objective reviews of Forex and CFD brokers in his articles.

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Client Reviews

  1. Spartan

    It looks terrible and unfavorable

    It looks bad. If they have an office in the UK, where is the license from the FCA? Moreover, the minimum deposit is quite high, and nothing is known about the demo account. I see nothing positive, adequate, or beneficial. But I haven’t traded here, so you don’t have to fully listen to me.

  2. Soldier1998

    I don't know what kind of fraudulent scheme is being used here

    I do not understand how scammers lure inexperienced traders. Of course, those who have been in the forex market for a long time fully understand how rotten and unreliable this firm is. I also have no doubts about the fraudulent activities of this pseudo-broker.
    However, I would like to know how Taura Global scams people for money, as it is impossible to register an account here. Do the scammers themselves create personal accounts for their victims? How do they find them? Does anyone know? Do they call on the phone or spam on social networks? Someone is aware.
    I advise all newcomers not to interact with scammers who write first with a “profitable” offer to start trading on their fake platform. This is a fraud, and they want to scam you for your deposit.